908 Devices Expands Scientific Advisory Board

Company appoints six new members to SAB to maximize the company’s impact in the proteomics domain

908 Devices (NASDAQ: MASS), a pioneer of purpose-built handheld and desktop mass spec devices for chemical and biomolecular analysis, today announced the forthcoming appointment of six new individuals to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), including Prof. Ileana Cristea, Prof. Jennifer E. Van Eyk, Prof. Anne-Claude Gingras, Prof. Jesper Olsen, Prof. Renã Robinson, and Prof. John Yates. The new SAB members join the board’s co-chairs, Christopher D. Brown, CTO 908 Devices; and J. Michael Ramsey, Scientific Founder of 908 Devices and Professor at UNC Chapel Hill, and existing members Prof. Jarrod Marto (Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School) and Prof. Josh Coon (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

“We’re exceptionally fortunate to welcome this esteemed group of scientists to our advisory board,” said Professor J. Michael Ramsey, co-chair of the 908 Devices Scientific Advisory Board. “The new panel’s expertise spans remarkably diverse segments in the proteomics revolution, from fundamental host-pathogen interactions in infectious disease to degenerative disease pathways and protein biotherapeutics. I can’t think of a finer group to share their vision and insights, and maximize the impact of 908 Devices developments in the proteomics domain.”

908 Devices has recently expanded its platform capabilities for the rapid and high-fidelity analysis of extraordinarily complex samples of biological origin. This newly-formed proteomics panel will be invaluable to the continued advancement of our platform mass spec and microfluidic technology and its application to contemporary problems in proteomics-oriented life science research. “This is a remarkable group of thought-leaders in this domain,” said Christopher D. Brown, CTO and co-founder of 908 Devices. “The diversity in their areas of expertise within proteomics is a reflection of the myriad protein-based opportunities in front of us with our core microfluidic and mass spectrometry technologies.”

The roster of new Scientific Advisory Board members includes:

  • Ileana Cristea – Henry L. Hillman Professor of Molecular Biology, Princeton University: Dr. Cristea’s research lies at the interface between virology and proteomics, with the aim of building an understanding of viral infection from a comprehensive proteomics perspective. Dr. Cristea is a member of numerous organizations, being on the Executive Board of the U.S. Human Proteome Organization, Chair of the Biology/Disease-driven Human Proteome Project, and on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Proteome Research, mSystems, and Molecular & Cellular Proteomics.
  • Jennifer E. Van Eyk – Professor of Medicine, Cedars Sinai Medical Center; Erika J. Glazer Chair in Women’s Heart Health DirectorAdvanced Clinical Biosystems Institute in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Precision Biomarker Labs:Dr. Van Eyk is an international leader in the area of clinical proteomics and her lab has focused on developing technical pipelines for de novo discovery and larger scale quantitative mass spectrometry methods. This includes multiple reaction monitoring (MRM, also known as SRM) and most recently data independent acquisition. Dr. Van Eyk’s laboratory aims to maximize throughput and reproducibility in order to move targeted and robust discovery methods into large population healthy continuous assessment and clinical grade assays focusing on brain and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Anne-Claude Gingras – Senior Investigator, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto: Dr. Gingras is an expert in mass spectrometry-based proteomics, enabling the identification and quantification of proteins from biological samples. Her lab specializes in developing tools to better understand how proteins associate with one another to perform their functions. She is a deputy editor at the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, and a member of the Advisory Boards for Molecular Cell and Molecular Systems Biology.
  • Jesper Olsen – Professor, and Vice Director of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen: During his PhD, Dr. Olsen was involved in developing high-resolution mass spectrometry-based proteomics methods. Since 2009, Dr. Olsen has headed a group at the newly established Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (CPR) at University of Copenhagen. Dr. Olsen has received a number of research awards including the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry Junior Research Award and HUPO Young Investigator Award in Proteomic Sciences.
  • Renã Robinson – Associate Professor of Chemistry, Vanderbilt University; Dorothy J. Wingfield Phillips Chancellor’s Faculty Fellow: Dr. Robinson’s research is breaking new ground in understanding the science of aging and neurogenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s through the large-scale and high-throughput analysis of proteins and lipids with mass spectrometry-based methods. She has developed a number of novel analytical techniques for the proteomic and lipidomic analysis of a range of biological matrices.
  • John Yates – Professor of Molecular Medicine, Scripps Research Institute: Dr. Yates’ laboratory has invented a number of critical technologies considered essential to contemporary mass spectrometry-based proteomics, including the SEQUEST algorithm for peptide sequencing, and data independent analysis methods, and pioneered a number proteomics approaches including shotgun proteomics. He has won a number of awards in the areas of chemical biology and mass spectrometry over his distinguished career at Scripps, and published more than 700 scientific publications in addition to being the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Proteome Research.
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