Accedian Wins Contract with Middle Eastern Value-Added Distributor

$8.25 million deal underscores power of Skylight Interceptor; win in established marketplace marks significant progress for newly released solution

Accedian, a leader in performance analytics, cybersecurity threat detection, and end-user experience solutions, today announced an $8.25 million deal for the combined Skylight performance analytics and Skylight Interceptor™ platform. Skylight Interceptor is the company’s cloud-based Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution that was released earlier this year. The deal, inked with a major Middle Eastern value-added distributor, represents significant momentum for the company’s solution and expands Accedian’s presence in an advanced and dynamic market.

The distributor, an Accedian Skylight 4X partner, will be the first in the Middle East region to offer Skylight Interceptor, which is built on Accedian’s 17 years of experience in the network performance and analytics industry, managing the largest and most complex networks on the planet with precise, granular and contextual insight.

Organizations across sectors lack visibility into security-related performance issues in their network, and they’re unable to detect or stop incoming cyber threats that will impact a company’s resiliency, both from potential performance or end-user experience issues and the threat of security violations. Accedian addresses these challenges by providing a converged platform for both performance and security, which consolidates technologies, skills and resources when needed.

Accedian’s Skylight platform, including Skylight Interceptor NDR and the existing Skylight network and application performance analytics capabilities, offers the unique value and technical flexibility needed to address the distributor’s extensive customer base, including public sector companies, systems integrators and managed service and security service providers (MSPs/MSSPs). After evaluating other offerings, Accedian was selected for its ability to deliver market-leading technical capabilities in a platform that enables agility from a deployment and manageability perspective, as well as the ability to offer expansion based on the needs of the customer and the end-user.

Dion Joannou, CEO, Accedian, said: “This win is a testament to the strength and power of Accedian’s Skylight Interceptor solution. Accedian is making major in-roads in this advanced, dynamic and innovative market with both Skylight Interceptor and the wider Accedian portfolio. We are quickly gaining traction with partners and customers who see the value in having a single, converged platform that harmonizes security and IT operations, removing operational barriers and equipping these teams with deeper insight into both network and application performance and their security stance.”

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