AI-WAN® Evangelist and CEO of Netrolix Wes Jensen to Speak on Cybersecurity at Capacity North America

AI-WAN® Evangelist and CEO of Netrolix Wes Jensen to Speak on Cybersecurity at Capacity North America

AI-WAN® Provides a Secure Global Network Fabric over the Internet

Netrolix CEO Wes Jensen will be speaking at the annual Capacity North America event in Denver Colorado on September 6. He has been asked to speak on Cybersecurity and will be focusing on the following topics of discussion:

  • What solutions are carriers creating to create a more secure cyber network?
  • What are the areas that carriers are developing these solutions?
  • How are carriers developing their security portfolio to be suitable for an international customer base?
  • How are carriers tailoring additional security measures for the edge?
  • What metrics are being used to measure the effectiveness of security procedures? What are the common standards that carriers are working towards

Jensen will be joined by representatives from major North American and Global Service Providers such as AT&T, CenturyLink, Bell Canada, Sprint, GTT, Verizon, PCCW, NTT, Zayo, Verizon, Telstra, Telefonica, China Telecom, and more. Many major tech companies will also be participating such as Microsoft and Facebook.

“At Netrolix, our mission is to leverage our edge compute and global neural network-based AI-WAN platform to define and create secure networks – instantly” comments Wes Jensen Co-Founder & CEO Netrolix.  “We are grateful to be given the opportunity to work with Capacity Media at the powerful Capacity North America event where we can educate and share what we have learned and what the future holds!”

Netrolix, came to market in 2015, and today leverages millions of real-time and historic performance metrics, collected from over 20,000+ global locations with performance visibility into every global Internet Service Provider in order to deliver and optimal global network fabric coupled with the highest level of security.

About Netrolix 

Netrolix is a network as a service (NaaS) provider focused on WAN and Network Security services. The company leverages its AI-WAN® solution, which includes deep learning and neural network analytics, to provide an array of connectivity and security products, including AI-WAN, Netrolix Cloud Connect, Security Shield, Software Defined Gateways, Global VPN, and advanced management and monitoring through its centralized portal. Learn more at

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