AppViewX launches SaaS solutions CLMaaS and PKIaaS

The new solutions rapidly reduce certificate lifecycle management complexity to prevent outages and security incidents and meet compliance requirements in hybrid, multi-cloud environments

AppViewX, the leader in automated machine identity management (MIM) and application infrastructure security, today announced the launch of new software as a service (SaaS) solutions, CERT+ CLM-as-a-Service (CLMaaS) and CERT+ PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS). These solutions enable organizations to simplify certificate lifecycle management by delivering instant certificate discovery, visibility, provisioning, control, and automation. As fully managed services, AppViewX eliminates operational burdens, reduces hardware and software costs and scales to meet any organization’s certificate demands.

“One of the most important things to us when selecting a vendor for a project is a transparent process and quick time to value. The AppViewX team was extremely helpful getting us started and we were running discovery scans within hours of our kickoff meeting,” stated Alex Hrdy, Network Architect at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center – Omaha. “In addition to quick time to value, AppViewX CERT+ allows us to execute an application centric discovery, which helps us gain the certificate visibility we were lacking with our former tool.”

AppViewX CERT+ eliminates critical service outages and exploitable security weaknesses caused by expired, misused, compromised, or missing certificates. As a ready-to-consume service, AppViewX CERT+ CLMaaS quickly discovers all certificates in single and multi-tenant cloud architectures, creates a comprehensive inventory and provides full lifecycle management of certificates from public trust Certificate Authorities (CAs) and private trust PKI. By combining CERT+ CLMaaS with CERT+ PKIaaS, organizations easily add highly scalable private trust certificate issuance and automated management to support mobile device, IoT and DevOps requirements.

Benefits of the new AppViewX SaaS solutions include:

  • Instant time-to-value: easy-to-deploy fully managed services deliver results in minutes
  • Accessibility and visibility: Role-based access control and remote accessibility enable distributed teams to manage certificate and encryption key requirements
  • Crypto-agility: rapidly respond to issues, mitigate risk and stay in compliance if CAs or certificates need to be reissued, renewed and/or revoked
  • Resource and cost reduction: eliminates need to provision expensive crypto hardware and software
  • Maintenance and security: AppViewX maintains the service and adheres to strict security standards and practices to secure keys and prevent certificate misuse

“In this era of digital transformation, the need for machine identities to provide critical authentication, access, and encryption services continues to grow and is now far outpacing human identities. Additionally, complex hybrid, multi-cloud environments, mobility and IoT adoption challenge organizations to automate the lifecycle of these identities,” said Gregory Webb, CEO of AppViewX. “Accelerating digital transformation projects is essential for organizations to gain competitive advantages and meet revenue goals. By offering our capabilities as SaaS solutions, AppViewX provides our customers and partners faster time to value to manage and control machine identities at scale for cost and risk reductions.”

In a 2022 Ponemon Report: The State of Certificate Lifecycle Management in Global Organizations, 56% of respondents say SaaS has improved their organizations’ IAM security posture and 58% say IDaaS (Identity as a Service) has done the same. As evidenced in the report, the growing need to adopt an “as a service” model for security and machine identity management and automation is on the rise. With the launch of CERT+ CLMaaS and PKIaaS, AppViewX is meeting the demand organizations have for SaaS solutions to  reduce digital risk, strengthen their security posture and adhere to compliance standards while upholding their brand values and reputations.

AppViewX CERT+ CLMaaS and CERT+ PKIaaS adhere to high compliance standards guaranteeing maximum security and governance attested by international compliance certifications like ISO 27001, SOC2 Type 2 and TRUSTe Enterprise Privacy Certification, to name a few.

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