AvaSure Announces New AI Capabilities for Virtual Care Platform

Virtual care leader unveils AI enhancements to AvaSure TeleSitter® solution and partnership with Kinometrix, a predictive analytics platform, for patient fall risk identification

AvaSure, the inventor of the TeleSitter® solution and the market leader in acute virtual care and remote safety monitoring, announced today that it is launching artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements to its industry-leading virtual care platform. AI augmentation will enable health system partners to enhance efficiency and time-savings while also improving the quality of care they deliver.

AvaSure unveils computer-vision augmented alerts for patient falls and elopement

Initial applications will build on the already strong ROI delivered via the AvaSure TeleSitter solution by amplifying a virtual safety attendant’s capacity for reducing elopement and preventing falls. Safety attendants will remain the “human in the loop” with support from AI, which will alert virtual safety attendants when an at-risk patient tries to stand up or attempts to leave their room. Virtual team members can then intervene before an adverse event occurs.

“AvaSure is the most trusted video-based partner in healthcare because of our well-earned reputation for providing only human-validated alarms with response times measured in seconds,” said Adam McMullin, CEO, AvaSure. ”Accuracy is our goal, and AvaSure will use AI technology in a meaningful way to support that goal.”

AvaSure is working toward AI augmented implementations with several health system clients and is now seeking a set number of additional collaborators for a limited release.

Kinometrix partnership adds predictive fall risk identification

In addition, AvaSure is excited to partner with Kinometrix to better identify patients at risk of falling who would benefit from participation in AvaSure’s TeleSitter program. Kinometrix expertly employs predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence with Electronic Health Records – effectively mining data related to potential inpatient falls. These AI-driven enhancements will improve the accuracy of identifying patients at risk of falling and alleviate the nursing workload associated with fall risk assessments. Opportunities to pilot this solution are now available to all health system clients.

AvaSure’s virtual care platform enables virtual team care by combining remote patient sitters, virtual nurses, and other providers in a single enterprise technology solution to enhance clinical care without placing any additional burdens on existing staff.

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