Babel Street Launches Expanded Professional Service Offerings

Access to experts and resources enables deeper insights from AI-powered analysis of open-source intelligence

Babel Street, the world’s leading AI-enabled data-to-knowledge company, today announced an expanded set of professional services designed to help customers maximize business and mission value across solutions. Babel Street’s AI-powered platform uncovers and alerts users to risk factors hidden in massive amounts of public and commercial data. Customers now have increased access to education resources, ongoing metrics reporting, and support to optimize processes, insights, and risk mitigation outcomes continuously.

“Our national security and commercial customers use our platform to drive results in threat intelligence, identity and risk management, and alerting use cases. This expansion of services represents our ongoing commitment to helping them maximize the value of our technology,” said Michael Southworth, CEO of Babel Street. “By delivering flexible options that drive insights and results, along with more comprehensive access to our solutions engineers who bring decades of expertise in the investigative and intelligence fields, we’re helping our customers keep pace ahead of rapidly changing information landscapes.”

Highlights of Babel Street’s expanded service offerings include:

  • Dedicated solutions engineers: ongoing consulting from a dedicated team of Babel Street domain experts to effectively apply the technology to challenging use cases and maximize insights
  • Curated data collection: Quickly render and continuously optimize customer information requirements into relevant, persistent data collection for easy consumption
  • Customer Advisory Board: a voice on the Babel Street advisory board to inform platform improvements and help shape product roadmaps
  • Babel University: unlimited access to self-paced training modules with customized learning paths for various roles and personas

“The pace of innovation requires a deeper relationship across our customer base, and as our solutions evolve, we must ensure customers have access to the latest resources and expert guidance to drive mission success,” said Mark McClure, EVP of Customer Experience at Babel Street. “The stakes are too high to do anything less. By collaborating more closely with customers, they will achieve faster, more accurate insights within a best-in-class user experience.”

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