Bluestone Analytics and Chainalysis Partner

Bluestone Analytics, a recognized leader in dark web intelligence, and Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis company, today announced a two-way integration between their platforms which delivers expanded visibility into dark web cryptocurrency transactions. This partnership creates an analysis ecosystem that will enable organizations to fully and rapidly pursue threat actors with seamless pivoting between the Bluestone Analytics’ DarkBlue Intelligence Suite and Chainalysis Reactor.

As threat actors increasingly seek to operate virtually, many rely on the dark web and cryptocurrencies in attempts to obfuscate their identities and openly conduct illicit transactions. Defense, law enforcement, and intelligence organizations looking to investigate or analyze these transactions face various technical and operational challenges.

However, visibility into this environment is possible through Bluestone Analytics’ DarkBlue Intelligence Suite, which provides secure cloud-based access to more than one billion AI-enriched deep and dark web records from Tor, OpenBazaar, I2P, and ZeroNet as well as select targeted open web sources. Chainalysis’s data and software expose relationships between cryptocurrency transactions and real-world entities, enabling investigators to trace the flow of illicit funds on blockchains. The platform integration will amplify both companies’ offerings by delivering additional data points, streamlining investigative workflows, and providing relevant, actionable intelligence to support law enforcement and intelligence missions.

“Cryptocurrency is a vital piece to the way criminals operate on the deep and dark web. Our partnership with Bluestone Analytics will empower federal agencies with more holistic insights into these covert networks,” said Chris Manouse, Vice President of Public Sector at Chainalysis. “We’re excited to provide these new capabilities to Bluestone Analytics and continue our ongoing fight to make cryptocurrency safe and trusted to the public.”

“The increasing use of cryptocurrencies in the billion dollar plus world of dark web crime revealed a natural synergy between Bluestone Analytics and Chainalysis. Our partnership links our platforms and expands the capabilities, data, and insights that both companies can provide to national security and law enforcement clients. By broadening this technology ecosystem, we are able to deliver more robust and holistic analysis to some of the hardest security challenges today.” says Liam Bowers, CEO and Founder at Bluestone Analytics.

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