AI Integrates ESG Data into Machine Learning Platform

New data source allows portfolio management teams to combine machine learning algorithms with ESG rankings, the leading distributed machine learning platform for global investment professionals, today announced that environmental, social and governance (ESG) data from OWL Analytics will be available within’s machine learning platform for institutional investors, Boosted Insights.

Portfolio managers can now use Boosted Insights’ powerful tools to conduct research upon a broad range of ESG metrics, including point-in-time ESG scores ranked by sector and geography. Combining third-party ESG data with the analysis and recommendations provided through machine learning allows managers to optimize their portfolios not only by predicted alpha but also by ESG factors.

This new offering from, powered by OWL, aggregates hundreds of sources of ESG data and research to create company scores and rankings based on numerous key performance indicators, which quantify company behavior on material sustainability issues.

“Global assets are flowing into sustainable funds at record rates, and numerous reports show that the performance of these funds is matching or exceeding investor expectations,” said Joshua Pantony, CEO and Co-founder of “As a result, asset managers of all sizes are aiming to incorporate ESG into their investment strategies, and we see the integration of ESG data into the Boosted Insights platform as a natural fit. The combination of native ESG data and finance-specific AI is a powerful one, and we believe that all types of managers should be allowed to tap into that well.”

This data integration builds upon’s commitment to empowering portfolio managers, analysts and chief investment officers to augment their existing investment and research process, source new ideas and manage risks. The Boosted Insights platform enables investment professionals to find value through machine learning.

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