BOS Awarded for Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Solution

Botkeeper is honored to be recognized by The Stevie Awards as a Bronze winner in The 21st Annual American Business Awards®. The Botkeeper Operating System (BOS) received the Bronze award for the New Product & Service categories – Business Technology: Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Solution.

The category recognizes solutions that enable computer-based systems to exhibit intelligent behavior in complex situations to solve problems, communicate with people, and perceive and interact with the physical world.

The Botkeeper Operating System (BOS) is designed to ease capacity issues by automating the bookkeeping work that slows firms down and deprives their growing advisory service practices of needed resources. BOS starts off strong in reducing the bookkeeping work firms have to do for their clients, and gets even better over time thanks to industry-leading artificial intelligence. With Basic and Advanced packages, firms have the ability to select the services their clients most need without needing to mix and match.

Our recently updated “Advanced Package” now incorporates a huge number of features for firms, allowing them to serve their clients even better than before. In addition to our Basic bookkeeping offerings, the Advanced package delivers:

  • Advanced Payroll Categorization
  • Autonomous AP Processing
  • Applying Payments to AR Invoices
  • CC Merchant & POS Reconciliation
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Enhanced Ongoing Report Support
  • Monthly Standard Invoicing
  • QBO W-9 Requests
  • Class & Department Tracking
  • Job / Project Tracking

Enrico Palmerino, CEO of Botkeeper stated, “To truly transform bookkeeping, an accounting firm needs an integrated set of tools that help drive accuracy, efficiency, security, and ultimately tie all bookkeeping efforts back to ROI.”

“Botkeeper is the ONLY automated bookkeeping solution geared toward firms focused on CAS (client advisory services). Providing automated accounts payable, bookkeeping, expense management, accounts receivable, clean-up services…all this functionality is built directly into the Botkeeper Operating System (BOS) platform, offering the firm a comprehensive solution.”

The American Business Awards are the premier accolades for excellence in U.S. business, honoring organizations of all sizes and industries. The 2023 competition received more than 3,700 nominations, and judging of The 2023 American Business Awards® was performed by the more than 230 members of 10 specialized committees. Read more about the 2023 competition and winning organizations:

Botkeeper is a leading automated bookkeeping solution, providing accounting firms and their clients a powerful combination of skilled accountants, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The Botkeeper Operating System (BOS) gives your CAS or bookkeeping practice an unparalleled workflow management system that uses best practices we’ve refined over several years. Accounting firms can grow their book of business, diversify their service offering, increase capacity, and improve overhead costs using the BOS full-suite bookkeeping & pre-accounting solution. With BOS you have the ultimate tool to efficiently manage your bookkeeping client base. Learn more about Botkeeper here!

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