Cazena Awarded U.S. Patent in Intelligent Analytic Cloud Provisioning

Cazena Awarded U.S. Patent in Intelligent Analytic Cloud Provisioning

Cazena announced it has been awarded a U.S. patent for “Intelligent Analytic Cloud Provisioning,” providing a framework to iteratively provision cloud resources to achieve optimal cost for performance for analytic workloads. This ensures that enterprises get the best performance for any workload and helps manage costs.

The company also announced several industry-first capabilities that are now available in the latest release of its Big Data as a Service. Cazena offers the only Managed SaaS solution for analytic workloads that provides turnkey simplicity and instant production capabilities. End-to-end security and automated DevOps are built into the Cazena offering. Alternative solutions like PaaS have been too complex, requiring organizations to hire and reskill DevOps. Third-party consulting and managed service providers are expensive and slow, often solving problems manually with people and services.

“With big data and analytics, enterprises are demanding the simplicity of a SaaS experience in the cloud without compromising on security and compliance,” said Prat Moghe, Cazena founder and CEO. “Cazena’s industry-first SaaS capabilities are critically important to broaden the cloud market to the majority of G8000 enterprises lacking DevOps skills.”

Enterprise leaders agree. “Our data scientists and actuaries are focused on strategic initiatives such as fraud detection, data monetization and portfolio risk reduction. Cazena’s fully-automated private SaaS model means that our team always has a production-ready platform, without worrying about security operations, cloud infrastructure, platform DevOps, tool integration, upgrades, or support,” said Mike Maloney, vice president of Innovation, Data Science & Governance at insurance service provider, The Riverstone Group.

The latest Cazena release offers several advanced security capabilities, including:

  • End-to-end Automated Encryption: End-to-end TLS encryption capabilities based on firewall and gateway architecture to ensure that cloud-based data lakes and data science sandboxes are encrypted from data sources to tools and end users.
  • Built-in Security Operations: Including ongoing data and user-level logging, SIEM alerting, vulnerability management, and threat monitoring at infrastructure and data level.
  • Firewall-Based Data and User Access: Zero-Trust security architecture that verifies users, devices, application, or packets. This environment ensures that users accessing data have a legitimate business need. To access data, all traffic must flow through firewalls which segment each customer into security zones. Security zones allow Cazena’s Security Operations to isolate traffic and apply protection profiles based on each enterprise’s unique requirements
  • Host-based Intrusion Detection – Ensures systems integrity using anomaly detection algorithms and machine learning.
  • Vulnerability Management – Cazena leverages vulnerability scanners that scan each node continually to reduce blind spots. New vulnerabilities can be detected quickly resulting in immediate disclosure and remediation using automated processes.

Read more about Cazena’s latest release and security philosophy in the latest engineering blog.

About: Cazena provides the first Managed SaaS solution to radically simplify big data workloads in the cloud. Cazena’s platform automates all DevOps and embeds best of breed software from Cloudera, AWS, Microsoft Azure and diverse analytical tools to create a production-ready, secure and fully-managed SaaS experience. Enterprises and System Integrators powered by Cazena can accelerate 10X outcomes for ML, BI, data engineering and cloud migrations. Cazena was founded by the team behind the Netezza data appliance, and is backed by leading investors Andreessen Horowitz, Formation 8, and North Bridge Venture Partners.

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