Conviva Introduces Ecosystem Module as Artificial Intelligence Continues to Improve Streaming TV Viewing Experiences

Conviva Introduces Ecosystem Module as Artificial Intelligence Continues to Improve Streaming TV Viewing Experiences

New technology offers permission-based, fully-automated Video AI Alert routing to ecosystem partners with better diagnostics for rapid resolution of streaming problems

Conviva, the real-time measurement and intelligence platform for streaming TV, today announces the launch of its Ecosystem Module, an enhancement to the company’s Video AI Alerts technology that will enable publishers to route alerts in real-time, with granular diagnostics, to approved content delivery networks (CDNs) and other ecosystem partners for faster resolution of streaming quality degradations.

Streaming TV publishers today spend considerable time and resources detecting and diagnosing streaming quality issues, and reporting these issues to relevant CDNs and ecosystem partners. Conviva’s Ecosystem Module builds on the company’s global ecosystem initiative – the world’s first and only permission-based viewer experience visibility program for the streaming TV ecosystem – as well as its Video AI Alerts technology.

“By combining our global Ecosystem Initiative with the automated detection and diagnostics technology of Video AI Alerts, we have truly streamlined and automated video streaming issues significantly,” said Aditya Ganjam, Conviva’s chief product officer. “The new technology provides visibility to CDNs, grants full data permission control to publishers with AI alert sensitivity, and reduces publisher’s operational costs while improving QoE and viewer satisfaction.”

The Ecosystem Module does much of the heavy lifting that technicians and engineers have been doing. Conviva is now automating a process for its customers that used to take many hours and multiple steps to resolve CDN-related issues. It is now streamlined and issues are resolved faster with automated alert forwarding, which means valuable technical resources can now spend considerably more time innovating.

The Ecosystem Module gives publishers direct control over routing policies. For example, a publisher can specify that an alert be forwarded only if a certain number of consumers are impacted or if the anomaly occurs over a certain period of time. In addition, publishers are given granular control over which analytics are sent to each ecosystem provider so they can customize the analytics feed to the need of their ecosystem provider.

In its initial rollout, the Ecosystem Module will automatically route quality-of-experience (QoE) anomaly alerts to CDN partners. CDNs who are part of Conviva’s ecosystem initiative and receive Video AI Alerts will now be offered 360-degree diagnostic visibility for the fastest possible resolution of issues.

As Conviva continues the rollout of its Ecosystem Module, alert routing will also be extended to other key ecosystem members like video ad servers, online video platforms, and ISPs.

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Conviva is the real-time measurement and intelligence platform for streaming TV. Conviva’s Video AI Platform provides insight into consumer’s streaming experiences across all screens and applications at scale. With a global footprint of 50 billion streams per year across 3 billion applications and 150 million users, Conviva serves 200+ brands globally, including HBO, Hulu, Sky, Sling TV, Turner, and more. The company is privately held and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with offices around the globe (

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