CURAITE’s New Artificial Intelligence App is Bad News for Social Media Managers

CURAITE's New Artificial Intelligence App is Bad News for Social Media Managers

Santa Monica based start-up CURAITE, Inc. has launched an AI-powered social media management app that thinks like a human and can generate huge improvements in customer engagement on Instagram and Facebook.

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CURAITE is an AI-powered platform designed to help businesses manage and optimize their social media marketing,” says CEO Arda Kertmelioglu. “It’s no secret that a lot of businesses really struggle to engage effectively with their customers on social media. And it’s only getting harder with Facebook recently changing their algorithm to favor posts from friends over brands or business pages. That’s where CURAITE comes in. In development for the last two years, our proprietary AI solution helps brands turbocharge their social marketing, using a combination of cutting edge image recognition technology and powerful audience analytics to generate big increases in engagement and reach”.

The CURAITE app contains a suite of easy-to-use features to help businesses organize and evaluate their content while ensuring they are only publishing the most impactful posts, at optimal times, on the right platforms. CURAITE can even predict audience engagement with posts before they are published and is constantly improving itself through machine learning; so the more posts, the better the results.

“We’re really proud of our performance,” Mr Kertmelioglu enthused. “In testing with dozens of commercial Facebook and Instagram accounts, CURAITE was able to boost audience engagement by an average of 560% while predicting engagement levels for new posts with 96% accuracy.

Investment Opportunity

“Lots of people are talking about the potential of AI,” Kertmelioglu says, “we’ve actually gone ahead and put it into practice, building a robust product with AI at its core. We’re now in discussion with potential investors and strategic partners to help us ramp up our global customer acquisition efforts and to roll-out a range of exciting new features including a Social Influencer Matchmaker, Social Commerce tools, and an Ad Optimizer.

We also want to share our success with small, non-accredited investors; the type of people who until recently haven’t had the opportunity to invest in tech start-ups. In fact, the sort of people who will also become CURAITE customers. That’s why we’ve launched an equity crowdfunding campaign at, to raise money from the crowd while building an army of dedicated CURAITE enthusiasts.”

For more information, visit or follow @curaite on social media.


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