Data I/O Partners with Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan

The SentriX security deployment platform supports hardware-based device security for industrial and consumer applications that deliver trusted data to power new business models.

Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO), the leading global provider of advanced security and data deployment solutions for microcontrollers, security ICs and memory devices, and Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan partner to enable security deployment services for Nuvoton’s M2354 Series based IoT Security Microcontroller (MCU) series using Data I/O’s SentriX® security deployment platform. The collaboration enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) designing solutions such as building automation, metering, medical and many other applications with high-security requirements to simplify the deployment of IoT security using Data I/O’s SentriX Product CreatorTM software tool.

New connected device-based revenue models require trusted data and trusted devices to enable data-driven services and to protect physical systems. Protecting and securing device firmware and data requires robust hardware-based security. Traditionally, defining provisioning and deploying IoT device security in mass production has been complex and required disparate tools and processes. The SentriX Product Creator tool simplifies IoT security by delivering pre-configured security deployment profiles for the most popular IoT use cases such as device identity, cloud onboarding, secure boot, firmware encryption, mutual authentication and more. The SentriX Product Creator pre-configured profiles present the most popular security features of the M2354 Series. Nuvoton’s M2354 Series inherits the security features of the M2351 Series that have PSA Certified Level 1, Level 2, and PSA Functional API Certified. The M2354 Series is an Arm® Cortex®-M23 based IoT Security MCU that leverages Armv8-M TrustZone hardware-enforced isolation. Nuvoton and Data I/O are partnering to enable security deployment services starting with Nuvoton M2354 Series support. With SentriX support, OEMs can leverage M2354 Series and quickly and cost-effectively deploy the security capabilities through robust provisioning in mass production. The pre-defined use cases streamline the security product definition process for OEMs by presenting the most common security use cases for connected device security in an intuitive user interface.

“As new services and applications for IoT markets expand, OEMs require a simplified process to define and deploy hardware-based security into their products during manufacturing. We are excited to collaborate with Nuvoton to support the M2354 Series on the SentriX platform,” said Michael Tidwell, vice president of marketing and business development at Data I/O Corporation. “The SentriX security deployment platform enables OEMs to easily define security profiles and provision M2354 Series at the chip level before the device goes to the manufacturing line for board assembly. Because the SentriX platform is scalable and is supported globally through SentriX service provider partners, OEMs with low or high volume can cost-effectively deploy robust IoT security in their products.”

“The M2354 Series is designed to support high-security requirements that are essential for even the most demanding IoT solutions,” said Tomohiro Shimo, vice president at Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan. “Our collaboration with Data I/O enables our customers to leverage the extensive security features of the M2354 Series. SentriX Product Creator enables our OEM customers to define and build hardware-based security into their products more easily and in less time.”

SentriX GO pre-defined use cases through the SentriX Product Creator tool will be made available for M2354 Series through SentriX Service providers globally by the third quarter 2023. Data I/O and Nuvoton plan to collaborate and announce support on SentriX Product Creator with pre-defined use cases on additional devices in the future.

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