Dataiku Announces its EGG New York Conference Will Focus on Human-Centered AI

Now in its third year, EGG NYC is taking on topics such as ethics, inclusivity, diversity, and responsible AI in the world of advanced machine learning with world-class experts including a keynote from Nicholas Thompson, Chief Editor at WIRED
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Dataiku, one of the world’s leading Enterprise AI and machine learning platforms, announced that the third annual EGG NYC conference, a one-day gathering that explores topics at the forefront of data science, machine learning, and AI, will be held on June 20th in New York City’s iconic Spring Studios. This year’s conference will explore the concept that machine learning and AI go beyond algorithms and datasets.

EGG has become globally known as a conference that tackles important topics around data science, machine learning and AI. This year is no exception as topics such as inclusivity, diversity and responsible AI dominate news cycles. This year EGG has brought together experts from leading brands, academic organizations and not-for-profits to discuss transformative ideas to help business and humanity usher in this new era of artificial intelligence.

Leaders from brands such American Airlines, GE Aviation, Hinge, Disney, and other world-renowned organizations will share with over 500 guests stories of how they are building human-centered AI systems. Senior academics from institutions such as Spelman College and Columbia will insights from leading research and a packed roster of panelists will bring it all together to share advice and tips throughout the day.

“It’s people who make a difference in developing revolutionary AI systems and ensuring these systems are ethical, responsible and sustainable,” said Rob Rozicki, Vice President of Marketing at Dataiku. “EGG NYC is a celebration of all the people making human-centered AI a reality and we’re excited to have over 500 people attend our largest conference to date in the US.”

EGG NYC has also curated a group of 22 industry experts to share their insights into human-centered AI from around the globe. This year’s keynote will be delivered by Nicholas Thompson, the editor-in-chief of Wired. Nicholas Thompson is staking out a bold, optimistic vision for covering, and responding to the changing realm of digital culture. From artificial intelligence to entertainment, privacy to social media, ethics to war, Thompson leads the news cycle.

“The technology revolution has arrived, and it’s changing our daily lives but not for the better — yet. The phenomenon has evolved into uneven distributions of technology causing massive disruptions. For example, journalists face a new era of alternative facts and ‘fake’ news; Facebook users often sit in an algorithmic echo chamber of ideas; and a cynical suspicion of science means even expert consensus is cast into doubt,” said Nicholas Thompson, editor in chief of WIRED.“I’m looking forward to presenting at EGG NYC about the good news. We’re not headed toward a technology doomsday. Data and artificial intelligence can course correct these challenges into a better tomorrow. With appropriate and responsible design, the AI revolution remains at the service of human beings.”

As EGG is an intimate conference with an attendee cap at 500, attendees will experience the applications of human-centered AI first hand from Dataiku and have the opportunity to engage with technology partners such as Terradata, Looker, Immuta, PWC and more to discuss the latest in AI technology and solutions.

In order for human-centered AI to thrive, taking care of humans is essential. EGG NYC will bring the outdoors in with the creation of a Data Park for games, relaxation, and networking to ensure attendees experience the full benefits of human-centered AI.

WHEN: June 20, 2019 at 8:00am – 6:00pm EDT
WHERE:  Spring Place, 50 Varick Street, New York, NY, 10013

The EGG Conferences will continue to explore Human-Centered AI in London. EGG London will take place on July 2, 2019, at Tobacco Dock.

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