Deep Learning-driven Tachyum Recognized by CRN Magazine

Tachyum™ Inc. today announced that it has been named among the 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startups Of 2021 by CRN® magazine, a brand of The Channel Company.

“These chip startups are working on everything from general-purpose processors that can outperform Intel’s and AMD’s latest to accelerators that can speed up AI and deep learning workloads,” wrote CRN senior associate editor Dylan Martin. “Tachyum is taking on Intel, AMD, Nvidia and other silicon compute vendors with what it calls the ‘world’s first universal processor,’ which it says can replace the functions of CPUs, GPUs and other kinds of compute processors while providing higher performance and power efficiency.”

Tachyum is currently signing early adopter partners for its Prodigy Universal Processor hardware emulation system, a milestone for further build out, compatibility testing, and software development.

“The normally dull semiconductor industry is experiencing unprecedented upheaval, and these startups are each disrupting the status quo in their own way with innovative new architectures,” said Dr. Radoslav Danilak, co-founder and CEO of Tachyum. “I am delighted to see other companies that are also dedicated to reducing the environmental harm of hyperscale computing by increased efficiency, and reducing the costs of demanding data center, AI and HPC workloads by increased performance – which established manufacturers seem reluctant to do.”

Tachyum’s Prodigy processor can run HPC applications, convolutional AI, explainable AI, general AI, bio AI, and spiking neural networks, plus normal data center workloads, on a single homogeneous processor platform, using existing standard programming models. Prodigy’s ability to seamlessly switch among these various workloads dramatically changes the competitive landscape and the economics of data centers by eliminating the need for separate hardware infrastructures dedicated to each type of workload. As the world’s first universal processor, Prodigy runs legacy x86, ARM and RISC-V binaries in addition to its native Prodigy code. With a single homogeneous, highly efficient processor architecture, Prodigy delivers industry-leading performance, outperforming the fastest Xeon processors while consuming 10x lower power (core vs. core), and outperforming NVIDIA’s fastest GPU in HPC, AI training and inference.

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