Department of Homeland Security Funds Synapse Technology to Develop Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial intelligence security and defense company Synapse Technology Corporation today announced that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) awarded the company a contract to develop artificial intelligence algorithms for computed tomography (CT) machines at airports across the United States.

To date, Synapse Technology has deployed its technology on security X-ray machines at sites ranging from courthouses to airports on a global scale. The artificial intelligence algorithms automatically identify threats in baggage and alert human operators, adding an additional layer of security at these checkpoints. This new DHS contract represents an opportunity for the company to adapt the technology to new 3D CT scanning machines that are being broadly deployed.

“Our artificial intelligence platform has been designed to be adaptable across machine types. Applying the AI system to CT machines is the natural evolution of the product we’ve built over the last several years,” said Ian Cinnamon, President of Synapse Technology.

Synapse Technology looks forward to collaborating closely with the Department of Homeland Security to deploy artificial intelligence technology on the newest security checkpoint scanning machines being installed across the country.

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