Drata Announces Winners of the Customer Excellence Awards at Drataverse

Winners Demonstrate Distinguished Efforts in Automation, Transparency, Innovation, and Efficiency

Drata, the leading continuous security and compliance automation platform, announced the winners of its Customer Excellence Awards at the company’s annual user conference, Drataverse, at Pier 27 in San Francisco. The award recognizes organizations that are setting the benchmark for continuous compliance and displaying an outstanding commitment to a strong security posture.

Fostering robust compliance programs is a top priority for companies of all sizes globally, as regulatory requirements evolve. Effective governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) programs are essential for businesses to build trust and maintain their operational integrity. And According to Drata’s 2023 Compliance Trends Report, 33% of organizations are able to shift more energy to accelerating business when they’re able to save time on achieving and maintaining compliance. These awards honor Drata customers who lead by example, by innovating and setting the standard for compliance excellence across the industry.

This year, five customers were recognized onstage at Drataverse. Each winner met high criteria in using Drata to manage their GRC programs and contributed to pushing their company and industry standards forward, encouraging a broader adoption of best practices in security and compliance:

  • Automation First Winner: Metadata, for expertly leveraging automation to enhance operational efficiency, streamline workflows, and optimize their role.
  • Trust Showcase: Sign In Solutions, for excelling at proactively building trust with their customers and prospects.
  • Drata MVP: Wiz, recognized as Drata’s top champion inspiring others to elevate operational standards.
  • GRC Groundbreaker: Abnormal Security, awarded as an innovator and early adopter actively shaping the future of GRC.
  • GRC Program of the Year: WorkRamp, for achieving remarkable growth and success through the team’s compliance program this past year.

“We are deeply honored to be the Automation First Winner for Drata’s Customer Excellence Awards. This recognition underscores our commitment to continuously elevating our compliance program. Drata’s solutions have been instrumental in helping us maintain our leadership in compliance and security and we look forward to evolving our partnership as we scale,” said Raymond Taft, Chief Information Security Officer of Metadata.

“At Drata, our customer-centric values involve helping thousands of companies build and maintain a culture of security and compliance, and these awards are a testament to the remarkable efforts of our customers who embody these principles,” said Conor Nolen, Chief Customer Officer at Drata. “We love celebrating the hard work and success of our customers who not only meet but exceed the highest standards in GRC. Congratulations to all our winners who inspire and lead the industry towards a safer, more compliant future.”

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