Edge Software Company IOTech and PMY Partner

The two companies are integrating IOTech’s edge computing and Edge Builder management platforms with PMY’s Smart Operating Platform

IOTech, the edge software company, is partnering with PMY Group (PMY), a leading independent technology company to drive innovation in the venue management industry. The organizations are collaborating to integrate IOTech’s edge software technologies with PMY’s venue management solutions.

Through its Smart Operating Platform, PMY provides a technology overlay and services for major events, festivals and conventions, including Grand Slam tennis tournaments and other major sporting events. The platform provides a centralized solution to monitor system health and performance; analyze crowd movement and usage patterns in real-time; automate the communication and response to operational issues; and predict future behavior to make optimal business decisions.

The two companies are working together to integrate IOTech’s Edge Xpert and Edge XRT computing platforms and Edge Builder edge management platform with PMY’s Smart Operating Platform.

Edge Xpert and Edge XRT address IOT connectivity and IT/OT integration. Edge Builder provides dynamic edge management capabilities to allow companies such as PMY to deploy their platforms to customers quickly and at scale. It also provides the ability to maintain and extend a deployment easily, regardless of whether the platform is in permanent or temporary use, as in the case of special sport and entertainment events.

“PMY is always interested in enhancing and adding new services to our Smart Operating Platform,” said Joe Costanzo, Chief Technology Officer at PMY. “Working with IOTech, we can introduce a number of new venue services that complement our existing portfolio. These services will be piloted during the coming months in a risk-free way for our customers”.

IOTech will progressively construct and pilot a baseline product to support use cases for sports venue/smart cities customers, based on IoT edge technologies. An initial use case will focus on monitoring and compiling bus occupancy and locations. Subsequent pilots will look at crowd movement and size data within venues, and analyzing parking facility usage.

“IOTech is excited to partner with PMY to deliver new and enhanced venue management services in the sports and entertainment industry”, said Keith Steele, CEO of IOTech Systems. “Through our open, comprehensive and flexible edge solutions, we’re driving IoT innovation and adoption”.

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