Element AI at NEURIPS 2019 Conference in Vancouver

Company presenting seven academic poster papers, co-organizing three workshops, and chairing one panel session

Element AI, a global developer of artificial intelligence-powered (AI) software services and products that help organizations operationalize AI, today announced its participation and sponsorship at the 2019 Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) conference in Vancouver, December 8-14. At the largest annual AI and machine learning conference, Element AI will join AI research scientists from across the globe to share in the latest scientific research, theories and breakthroughs in machine learning that will impact underlying technology for AI and ML-driven initiatives and products designed to automate and augment decision-making.

“Fundamental research and exploration remain at the heart and DNA of Element AI. We are excited to participate at NeurIPS 2019, and look forward to sharing dialogs about our AI research and AI for Good initiatives,” said Nicolas Chapados, Chief Science Officer at Element AI. “Working closely with our fundamental research team and partners, we remain steadfast in taking theory and research from lab to impact to help approach and solve real-world challenges,” added Chapados.

Dedicated to expanding fundamental research through an open and collaborative approach, Element AI employs over 100 PhDs working with a broad and diverse international network of academic fellows and research institutions. The investment in these global research efforts has resulted in seven papers and co-organization of three workshops at NeurIPS 2019.

Element AI NeurIPS schedule includes:

Monday, 9th December
External Workshop (sponsoring): Black in AI (BAI) Affinity Workshop
9:00 AM — 8:00 PM @ East Meeting Level 1, 1 + 2 + 3

External Workshop (sponsoring): Women in Machine Learning (WiML) Affinity Workshop
8:25 AM — PM @ East Ballroom C

Tuesday, 10th December
Paper: On Adversarial Mixup Resynthesis
5:30 — 7:30 PM @ East Exhibition Hall B + C #61

Paper: Painless Stochastic Gradient: Interpolation, Line-Search, and Convergence Rates
5:30 — 7:30 PM @ East Exhibition Hall B + C #123

Paper: Real-Time Reinforcement Learning
5:30 — 7:00 PM @ East Exhibition Hall B + C #209

Social Event (co-organizing and sponsoring): Well-Being in ML (WBiML)
7:00 — 10:00 PM @ West 202-204

Wednesday 11th December
Paper: Neural Multisensory Science Inference
10:45 AM 12:45 PM @ East Exhibition Hall B + C #116

Paper: Learning Reward Machines for Partially Observable Reinforcement Learning
10:40 — 10:45 AM @ West Exhibition Hall A (spotlight talk)
10:45 AM — 12:45 PM @ East Exhibition Hall B + C #210

Paper: Adaptive Cross-Model Few-shot Learning
5:00 — 7:00 PM @ East Exhibition Hall B + C #18

Evening Event and Panel Session with QuantumBlack: Experimentation in Data Sciences
7:00pm -8:45pm @ 319 Main Street, Vancouver Imperial Vancouver → Register here

Thursday 12th December
Paper: Reducing Noise in GAN Training with Variance Reduced Extragradient
10:45 AM — 12:45 PM @ East Exhibition Hall B + C #124

Paper: Information-Theoretic Generalization Bounds for SGLD via Data-Dependent Estimates
05:00 — 07:00 PM @ East Exhibition Hall B + C #232

Friday 13th December
Workshop (co-organizing): Science meets Engineering of Deep Learning
8:00 AM — 6:00PM @ West 121 + 122

Workshop (co-organizing and sponsoring): Workshop on Machine Learning with Guarantees
8:45 AM — 6:00 PM @ West Ballroom B

Workshop (co-organizing and sponsoring): Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning
8:15 AM — 6:00 PM @ East Ballroom C

To meet with Element AI attending members during NeurIPS 2019, contact (cell: 514-213-3581) to schedule a meeting.
To learn more about the Element AI Fundamental Research group, visit:, and for career opportunities, visit:

About Element AI
Element AI is a global developer of AI software that helps enterprises operationalize AI to work smarter, together. Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs including JF Gagné and A.M.Turing Award recipient, Yoshua Bengio, PhD, Element AI turns cutting-edge research and industry expertise into software solutions that exponentially learn and improve. Its end-to-end offering, including advisory services, AI enablement tools and products. Element AI maintains a strong connection to academia through research collaborations and takes a leadership position in policy-making around the impact of technology on society.

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