Elevate Security Achieves Microsoft Co-Sell Incentivized Status

Microsoft Sellers Now Incentivized Globally for Sales of Elevate’s User Risk Management as a Preferred Solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Elevate Security, the pioneering leader in User Risk Management, today announced it has achieved Microsoft’s Azure IP Co-Sell Incentivized status, extending an already strong relationship to include a joint selling motion. Microsoft sellers around the globe are now incentivized to sell Elevate Security’s leading SaaS user risk solutions. Elevate will now be designated as a preferred solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and the two organizations will begin jointly selling integrated offerings to customers looking to identify their most high-risk people, and automate personalized responses and safeguards.

The partnership between Microsoft and Elevate enables customers to benefit from deep out-of-the-box integration of Elevate’s rich, broad-spectrum user risk intelligence with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and the entire Microsoft Security suite, empowering identity and access management (IAM), security operations, as well as awareness and training frameworks.

“We are one hundred percent complimentary to Microsoft Security solutions, and we work closely with Microsoft to help customers better protect themselves and their employees from human-centered attacks,” said Robert Fly, CEO of Elevate. “Now, as a Microsoft preferred solution with Co-sell incentivized status, we will significantly expand Elevate’s commercial reach and more importantly, our ability to strengthen user security protections for enterprises worldwide.”

New research from Elevate and Cyentia Institute recently determined that a small number of high-risk users are responsible for the majority of cyber security incidents. These high-risk employees and contractors are found in every department and function of the organization. While they make up only a small percentage of the population, high-risk users represent a sizable threat to the organization. In fact, one leading industry analyst firm recently predicted that in the next four years, more than half of large enterprises will adopt human-centric security solutions in response to this rising risk vector.

Much like consumer credit risk analysis, Elevate analyzes billions of independent data points from across the organization and beyond to understand each individual’s cyber risk. Factors such as worker susceptibility to real phishing and malware, poor handling of sensitive data, and unsafe browsing habits along with demographics and other characteristics are continually aggregated and updated into detailed, transparent, high-confidence risk metrics.

By integrating directly with Microsoft Azure AD, Elevate user risk intelligence can drive automated responses, such as enforcing conditional access policies or revoking tokens for high-risk individuals, to better protect both the worker and the entire organization from human-based attacks. See a quick demonstration of the simplicity and effectiveness of the new integrated Microsoft and Elevate solution here.

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