Ennetix Launches AI-Powered Network Analytics for Optimal User Experience

Ennetix, a startup with deep roots in the networking space, announces availability of its xVISOR product which provides industry-first, single-pane, real-time dynamic monitoring of every network resource that can impact the user experience of selected mission-critical application. Context-rich alerts from the Ennetix product prevent unsatisfactory performance before they occur, and in case of serious issues, exponentially improve time to resolution.

Today, many companies are migrating their applications from on-premise information processing to hybrid cloud-hosted workloads.  The complex combination of public and private cloud services, with many network services also coming from the cloud, imposes new challenges in Network Performance Analytics – dynamic allocation of resources and network paths cannot be monitored using conventional methods.

xVISOR from Ennetix is a customer-validated solution that provides analytics-driven visibility of end-to-end application delivery paths, including mapping of the sliver of the network resources the application depends on.  xVISOR can pinpoint performance issues in cloud-virtualized distributed infrastructures in real time as well as provide actionable forensic data for rapid triage of problematic incidents. That is possible because xVISOR utilizes AI-powered inference engines to analyze granular-level network performance data (on-prem or cloud) specific to an application and its users, and it creates a complete performance picture of end-to-end application-delivery and network-service-dependency paths.

As per Dr. Bis Mukherjee, founder Ennetix, “As more enterprises are moving applications to the cloud, network-related application user-experience issues are on the rise. However, legacy solutions fall short as they were designed for on-premise infrastructures only.  Based on three decades of research and experience, we have built a solution in xVISORfrom the ground up to enable users to immediately pin-point problem locations using actionable information which is delivered through our proprietary AI-Powered Inference Engines.”

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About Ennetix: Based out of Davis, CA, Ennetix product development is funded by multi-million-dollar SBIR grants from the U.S. Government.

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