Estuary Achieves Technology Select Tier Partner Status with Snowflake

Adds Snowflake as a Source of Near Real-time Data

Estuary today announced that it has achieved Technology Select Tier partner status from Snowflake, the AI Data Cloud company. Estuary also announced its ability to extract data from Snowflake, enabling customers to capture near real-time changes in their Snowflake data and replicate them to their other systems using change data capture (CDC). With this latest release, Estuary can now use Snowflake as both a source and a destination in near real-time data pipelines for analytics, operations, and AI.

“About a third of our customers use Estuary with Snowflake,” said David Yaffe, Co-Founder and CEO of Estuary. “Our latest partner status is a recognition of our emphasis on helping our joint customers not only move towards real-time data, but increase productivity, lower time to market, and cut overall costs as well.”

Estuary is a leading real-time CDC and ETL data integration platform for apps, analytics, and AI that enables companies to implement data pipelines in days. Estuary’s support for Snowflake includes:

  • Real-time and batch support for Snowflake as a destination, including support via Snowpipe.
  • Real-time support for extracting data from Snowflake as a source using CDC.
  • Support for multiple connections to Snowflake, and using batch and real-time connectivity side-by-side in the same pipeline.
  • Data backfilling and replay from sources into Snowflake.
  • Leading scalability and reliability, with customers moving terabytes daily and peak rates in production of 50MB/sec per table from sources into Snowflake with no downtime.
  • Advanced schema evolution automation from sources into Snowflake.

By using Estuary with Snowflake, companies have been able to lower end-to-end data pipeline latency from hours to minutes or seconds, cut costs 2-5x, and increase productivity 4x.

“Estuary has helped companies get data into Snowflake’s AI Data Cloud to add more value, faster,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances, Snowflake. “As a Select Technology Tier partner, and through its latest integration with Snowflake, customers can use Estuary’s solution for even more of their data processing needs.”

The Snowflake Partner Network unlocks the potential of the AI Data Cloud with a broad array of tools and partners. Partnerships and integrations enable customers to leverage Snowflake’s flexibility, performance, and ease of use to deliver more meaningful data insights. To become a Snowflake partner and get access to Snowflake’s self-service partner resources, please click here.

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