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FlashGrid Announces SkyCluster Now Runs on AWS Bare Metal Instances

Highly available database clusters gain more efficiency and reliability on new AWS EC2 bare-metal instances
FlashGrid Announces SkyCluster Now Runs on AWS Bare Metal Instances

FlashGrid Inc. has announced support of its SkyCluster database high availability solution on new AWS bare metal instances.

FlashGrid SkyCluster is a cloud engineered system used by enterprises worldwide for uninterrupted operation of mission-critical databases.  SkyCluster leverages proven Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) database engine to deliver best-in-class active-active high availability in the cloud for the large ecosystem of enterprise applications running on Oracle Database. With millions of hours in testing and production use, SkyCluster keeps databases running during unexpected cloud infrastructure failures and planned maintenance.

Detailed information on FlashGrid SkyCluster for AWS is available at:

SkyCluster version 19.02 adds support for the new bare-metal instance types including:

  • r5.metal: optimal combination of CPU and memory resources for most database workloads
  • z1d.metal: lower CPU core count at higher CPU frequency, recommended with per CPU Oracle licensing
  • u-6tb1.metal, u-9tb1.metal, u-12tb1.metal: up to 224 physical cores and 12 TB for extra-large workloads

The bare-metal instances combine the on-demand elasticity of AWS cloud with the efficiency of physical servers. Not having the virtualization layer results in higher CPU efficiency, higher reliability, and simplified Oracle licensing.

SkyCluster Launcher, a simple online tool, helps cloud architects and DBAs deploy database clusters on the new instance types by creating Infrastructure-as-Code templates in a few easy steps. The deployment and self-initialization of the cluster takes less than 90 minutes, and the new cluster is ready for use.

“FlashGrid SkyCluster fuses best-of-breed Oracle high availability technology with cloud-native approach to deploying, using and maintaining databases in AWS cloud. With the new AWS bare metal instances, enterprise customers can deploy even heavier mission critical database workloads in AWS, while simplifying and potentially reducing licensing costs.” said Alex Miroshnichenko, CEO FlashGrid.

About FlashGrid
FlashGrid Inc. is a software company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. FlashGrid software and 24×7 support allows large and small enterprises to run mission-critical databases on a commodity compute, storage, and network infrastructure of their choice – in the public cloud or in datacenter.

FlashGrid is an Oracle Gold Partner and AWS Standard Technology Partner.

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Artem Danielov

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