GeoTraq Provides Patent Smart Solutions for Simple IoT Problems

SPYR, INC. (OTCQB: SPYR), a diversified technology company developing products leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) for consumer use and large-scale applications and industries, is pleased to announce that its patented technology allows the Company to offer “Smart Solutions for Simple IoT Problems.”

GeoTraq’s tiny IoT connectivity modems are squarely focused on providing the lowest power consumption curve and best battery conservation in the industry,” stated GeoTraq’s Chief Technology Officer, Pierre Parent. “Reducing the battery drain is key to making smaller, lower cost devices. Lower power consumption leads to smaller batteries and reduces cost, size and weight of the unit.”

“We view this as an imperative key to unlocking many underserved and even unserved IoT market opportunities,” Parent added.

Accordingly, GeoTraq is employing many innovations to achieve its low power consumption profile and many of these are included in their Patent 10,182,402.

“You have to attack this problem at all levels of the solution. Modem hardware design and firmware, network connectivity and timing, messaging structures and interaction with a customer’s backend systems all have to be considered,” said Parent.

The company’s WebTraq® Platform seamlessly manages most of this complexity and makes it easy for customers to enjoy the benefits of long battery life.

The company is focused on solving simple, blue-collar problems that dominate the massive IoT marketplace opportunity. At the end of the day, a rancher for example, needs to know if all the gates are closed. A builder wants to know if materials were delivered to a job site before sending a crew. An energy services company wants to know if a tank is near empty before scheduling a delivery.

“These are the simple IoT problems that GeoTraq is solving with patented technology that are easy to use. We make solving business problems as easy as possible for our customers,” said Parent.

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