GeoTraq Takes A Big Bite Out of IoT Complexity

The Best Technologies Should Be The Easiest To Use

SPYR, INC. (OTCQB: SPYR), a diversified technology company developing products leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) for consumer use and large-scale applications and industries, is please to announce the continued development of the revolutionary Micro-Tracker™ Modem via its GeoTraq subsidiary ( as it prepares for full scale commercialization in 2023.

A Kaleido study released in June of 2022 stated that hardware design ranked as leading challenge by 84% cellular IoT non-adopters. This backed up an earlier IDC survey that listed complexity is the second most common challenge slowing IoT deployments. GeoTraq is working diligently to change that perception of the IoT industry with their patent protected technology.

“The beauty of our solution is that the end user is shielded from most of the complexity of IoT technologies,” states Pierre Parent, GeoTraq’s Chief Technology Officer. He continues “while we incorporate many state-of-the-art capabilities in our products, our goal is to manage the intricacies so our customers don’t have to. We are driven by this concept.”

Blue collar companies in many industries make, build, service and deliver the items that run our economy are often perplexed and intimidated by all of the decisions needed to field an IoT solution to make their business more efficient and profitable. Selecting hardware, gateways, wireless carriers, software applications and integrations can be a daunting project for non-technology based companies. Many can see the value of IoT in their business but just don’t know where to begin on a deployment.

GeoTraq aims to simplify this process by collapsing many of the technology layers into a simple, easy to use modem device that comes pre-integrated with wireless connectivity and useful applications. It gives business owners the opportunity to have early productivity gains and grow into more complex solutions as they are needed. “There’s no longer a need to commit to a big, complex capital project and hope it provides tangible results in the end. Start off with an approach that is easy and grows along with your business needs. It almost pays for itself and is the most efficient way to go” Parent concludes.

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