Beyond the hype: A guide to understanding and successfully implementing artificial intelligence within your business

AI can be a real value driver in multiples industries. It’s not something of the future, it is real today, and it is one of the main drivers of the fourth Industrial Revolution. Besides the hype, to properly implementing AI it’s critical to understand your company needs and assets, set clear goals and expected outcomes and to use this information to define an AI strategy and implementation roadmap.

According to the authors, some best practices can be applied to implement AI within an organization successfully :

  • Develop an AI strategy and roadmap: Think about what specific problem do your company want to solve, or what opportunity do you want to take by implementing an AI strategy.
  • Establish AI capabilities and skills: Remember that “to build the necessary AI skills, it’s important to plan, establish and grow a dedicated center of competence or to acquire external expertise.”
  • Start small and scale quickly: Think about starting with minimal valuable products (MVPs).

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