IDMWORKS Solves Identity Automation Provisioning Gap

IDMWORKS Launches Lifecycle Auto Fulfillment to Enable Auto Access Provisioning to Every Application

IDMWORKS, consistently referenced by Gartner and Forrester as a top Identity and Access Management consultancy, today announced a unique solution that finally delivers automated, rapid access provisioning for the multitude of applications that are not currently covered by traditional Lifecycle Management (LCM) or Identity Governance (IGA)IGA solutions.

IDMWORKS Lifecycle Auto Fulfillment solution provides organizations with significant time and cost savings, streamlined access to apps, and reduced security risks.

While many IAM solution providers have automated provisioning to mainstream apps, organizations of every size use a wide range of applications that either don’t offer standard API access or weren’t a priority for direct connection to their LCM/IGA offering. This “app gap” represents dozens, and many times hundreds, of apps requiring manual provisioning and de-provisioning.

“One of the most common themes we run into is the massive overhead our customers have associated with manually provisioning access to the apps outside the reach of their existing LCM/IGA solutions,” said Paul Bedi, IDMWORKS’ Founder and CEO “Our broad expertise across the entirety of the IAM market combined with deep technical expertise in specific IGA solutions uniquely positioned us to solve this challenge.”

The IAM market is incredibly complex with thousands of identity security products across hundreds of vendors. Add to this the millions of end-points that need to connect to those products, and identity programs become nearly impossible to deliver and manage successfully. IDMWORKS Connect suite of services delivers the connectivity necessary for a modern, holistic IAM infrastructure. The introduction of Lifecycle Auto Fulfillment solves another layer of critical connectivity to improve our customers’ identity security programs.

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