iFLYTEK, Asia AI Leader, Debuts Cutting-Edge Voice Technologies in the US

Open House Showcases How iFLYTEK's Products are Building a Better World

Today, iFLYTEK, one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) and speech technology companies, unveiled a number of consumer and business products for the first time in the US.

iFLYTEK creates responsible products that improve healthcare and education and help businesses and cities make smarter decisions and increase productivity. MIT Technology Review ranked iFLYTEK as the sixth smartest company in the world, and the iFLYTEK Translator 2.0 received the 2019 CES Innovation Award.

“At iFLYTEK, we are using artificial intelligence to build a better world,” said Mr. Dawei Duan, iFLYTEK Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President. “We have made global barrier-free communications a reality. Our iFLYTEK translator has been used more than 500 million times in more than 200 countries. Our smart education products have been used extensively in 35,000 schools serving more than 100 million students and educators in ChinaSingapore, and Japan. iFLYTEK AI Medical Assistants are now able to diagnose 1,100 diseases, helping to improve overall medical care standards, especially for rural community health centers.”

Product Debuts
iFLYTEK is well known for its transformative product development and intellectual leadership in the AI marketplace. The following products were exhibited today for the first time in the US.

Jarvisen – A new generation translator that enables effortless communication between 60 languages. This consumer product is powered by iFLYTEK voice recognition, machine translation, and voice synthesis technologies. Jarvisen has an instant response rate of less than .5 seconds as well as a built in 2-year global data plan for coverage in over 200 countries.

iFLYREC App – This mobile app records and converts speech to text and then displays the text onscreen.  In addition, iFLYREC App can translate between English and Chinese in real time.

iFLYREC Smart Conference System (Video Conference Edition) L1 – This smart system facilitates video conferences with real time translation and transcription.

iFLYTEK AI Mouse – This AI powered mouse records, transcribes, translates, and responds to voice commands.  It can handle 400 words per minute of text input with high accuracy and supports translation between Chinese and 28 other languages.

Alpha Egg Pro (new generation) – A smart education companion for the whole family that integrates education, super TV, video calls, smart speakers and natural language-based understanding to facilitate human-robot collaboration. It can think, learn and express its emotions with eye movements just like a human being. It includes an optimized on-demand semantic search engine that offers access to massive cloud-based education resources.

Global Chinese Learning Platform – The first intelligent Chinese language learning portal, it is equipped with advanced voice and deep learning technologies and offers personalized learning programs for Chinese language students worldwide. The customized and dynamic lesson plans and real-time feedback improve students’ learning experiences.

Corporate Mission
iFLYTEK’s mission is to make machines that hear and speak, understand and think, and to use artificial intelligence to build a better world. Mr. Duan remarked, “iFLYTEK seeks to improve education and medicine with AI technologies, as well as to support linguistic and cultural communications and charitable projects that improve lives.” For example, iFLYTEK bridges the chasm of communication for the hearing and visually impaired with its smart speech and AI technologies. Its speech recognition technologies enable the hearing impaired to “see” voice, and its speech synthesis technologies enable the visually impaired to “hear” text.

iFLYTEK’s education products cover a large spectrum of teaching, including giving and scoring exams. Mr. Duan noted, “We have been deeply engaged in smart education for the past 16 years. iFLYTEK’s smart education system now helps teachers and students analyze topics and pinpoint individual weaknesses, providing focused exercises and more individualized learning.”

iFLYTEK improves outcomes for patients by helping medical professionals more accurately diagnose and treat illnesses. Its products have the ability to help millions of people around the world and include AI-assisted medical centers, intelligent hospitals, and AI medical assistants. In November 2019, iFLYTEK signed an MOU with Deloitte Australia to provide advanced AI solutions to the Australian healthcare industry. Many Australian government agencies have now adopted iFLYTEK products. An overview of iFLYTEK’s work in healthcare follows below.

AI-Assisted Medical Centers – Based on advanced image recognition and deep learning technologies, AI-assisted medical centers help radiologists diagnose injuries and diseases more effectively using medical imaging, thus greatly reduce missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

Intelligent Hospitals – iFLYTEK’s intelligent hospitals have service robots for assisting patients, voice e-medical records for inpatient and outpatient treatment, AI assistants and mobile healthcare platforms for before, during, and after treatment.

AI Medical Assistants – iFLYTEK has developed doctor workstations featuring AI-assisted diagnosis and treatment, supplementary inquiries, prescription advice, an AI-assisted health management system, and an AI voice care center which provides follow-up services for discharged and post-operative patients.

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