iPinYou Took the Lead in Construction of Big Data Security Systems

Big Data Security Systems

Recently, the AI marketing solutions provider iPinYou has passed the highest level of national information security assessment in China. The assessment aims to promote industry standards for big data system construction and collaboration. This national recognition marks an important step for iPinYou in the efforts of establishing a comprehensive data security system, which has become an increasingly crucial link in AI driven marketing solutions. As a milestone in data protection endeavor, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced in May 2018, which was designed to protect and empower all EU citizens’ data privacy. It requires all publishers, technology vendors, and advertisers to comply with the regulations in transparency, user-consent, and security measures. While most of us were focused on meeting the GDPR deadline, China had been constantly strengthening its own data privacy laws. China’s Cybersecurity Law governs the collection and use of the personal data of Chinese residents by network operators, including international brands that own or manage a business in China. As an AI driven company that facilitates the digitalization of many international corporations, iPinYou has always strictly abide by relevant laws, regulations and industry standards. To provide clients with a full range of specialized solutions in big data management, transmission, and services, iPinYou established three systems that ensure legal compliance in China and international markets. The company’s goal is to provide transparency in the deployment and selection of data partners, thus offer quality data collecting and targeting capabilities. According to David Nottingham, General Manager of Europe iPinYou: “Our diligent approach to the collect and application of verified data partners is vital to our European customers. By creating synergies with the global data compliance standards, we can ensure every campaign utilizes the most effective and transparent data sets available in the Chinese programmatic ecosystem.”

First, when using AI technology in user value mining, iPinYou is committed to building a “complete lifecycle” security system covering data collection, transmission, storage, processing, sharing, and destruction. The company removes sensitive information of clients’ first-party user data through an irreversible approach. Adopting a forward-looking hybrid solution, iPinYou has built DMP for many large well-known enterprises with a transparent and automated implementation process. When collaborating with third-party data service partners, iPinYou requires them to engage in robust data compliance practices. Such practice ensures that all shared data are traceable, approved, and certified.

Second, iPinYou has built a strategic data security system through a comprehensive IT security assessment for all of its business operational systems. The assessment took multiple phases to examine eight aspects of the company’s intelligent decision platform, including host security, application security, data security and backup recovery, security policy, security management organization, personnel security management, system construction management, and system operation and maintenance management. iPinYou has been the first in the industry to pass the assessment and obtained the highest-level IT system security certificate issued by China Ministry of Public Security. This marks that the products and services of iPinYou have gained government authorization and recognition in data security compliance.

Third, iPinYou aims to build an honest data security value ecosystem. Since the beginning of the business, the company has been following the core value of integrity. The industry leader takes the initiative to make data compliance suggestions while encouraging clients to adopt more secure first-party and third-party data solutions. For partners in this value ecosystem, iPinYou inspects their qualifications and data sources, to ensure that data partners meet particular information security standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001/27002. While embracing AI and enjoying the “dividends” of the digital era, companies must overcome the challenges in security, ethics, laws, and social governance when employing new technologies. iPinYou holds the belief that promoting a harmonious, healthy and civilized society is the true meaning of technological development.

Due to the differences between GDPR and China’s cyber security laws, iPinYou provides data compliance guidelines for international companies to expand their business in China. Since GDPR regulates data usage in EU countries specifically, iPinYou suggests that foreign companies meet the standards set by China’s cyber security laws when collecting and processing data for business operations in China. Moreover, the company requires clients to host servers in China during data collection and prevent clients from transmitting data to overseas servers. iPinYou advises clients to embed an opt-in pop-up window on website or in app to get visitors’ consent if their IP addresses are from EU countries. In addition, international advertisers should carefully select media vendors that meet China’s standards of information security. With the three established systems, iPinYou provides foreign enterprises with data solutions that meet the legal requirements of cyber security laws in China.

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