IPLUSMOBOT Showcases Intelligent Mobile Robot Products at Automate

May 22-25, IPLUSMOBOT, one of the leading high-tech companies specializing in autonomous intelligent mobile robots, unveiled its series of intelligent mobile robot products and solutions designed for smart manufacturing factories at the Automate 2023 exhibition, held in Detroit, USA. Booth 3839.

At this exhibition, IPLUSMOBOT has introduced two product series: EMMA and FOLA. Among them, the EMMA series offers a standard mobile robot platform that can be equipped with different attachments such as collaborative arms, rollers, and lifting module. This enables seamless automation of material transfer and loading/unloading between different production processes. The showcased EMMA 400L at the booth features a compact design, capable of carrying a payload of 400 kg. It can easily navigate passages as narrow as 70cm, meeting the requirements of load capacity and space for internal logistics.

The FOLA series consists of autonomous forklifts designed by IPLUSMOBOT for intra-logistics automation and warehouse automation. These autonomous forklifts cater to various scenarios including pallet handling, stacking, and lifting. The exhibited FOLA-DN1416 is a pallet stacker forklift with load capacity of 1400 kg and lifting height of 1600 mm. In practical operations, the DN1416 utilizes advanced environmental perception and visual detection to achieve intelligent stacking of palletized materials. With the IPLUSMOBOT in-house developed fleet management system, it can achieve flexible scheduling and path planning for multiple vehicles, multiple scenarios, and multiple functions within the user’s workshop. This greatly improves the efficiency of cargo handling and transportation.

IPLUSMOBOT is committed to collaborating with automation integrators and service probiders in North America, providing stable, reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective products and services. Together, they aim to drive the advancement of intelligent mobile robot products and create more value for global intelligent manufacturing.

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