Jio bets big on Artificial Intelligence, to solve real time problems in India

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Reliance Jio aims to reimagine India with artificial intelligence (AI), Shailesh Kumar, chief data scientist of Jio, said, adding the telco would deploy AI to solve real-time problems in India. Jio believes that mobile network and data can be provided at low costs by deploying scalable AI, lowering tariffs. The timeline for the technology to be rolled out is yet to be announced. Speaking at the Nasscom Democratizing AI summit, Kumar said Jio continues to expand its telecom infrastructure to remotest areas in the country as the first step.

A scalable AI system will then be deployed, he explained, to add value to sections society that did not have access to mobile and data connectivity. Kumar said his firm will, from scratch, solve the Indian use cases. As part of this initiative, core AI capabilities like speech to text, with variations in accents across all Indian languages, will be made available to the users.

“The diversity of the country makes this process even more complex unlike the Western world where they deal mostly with only one language,” he added. Kumar said the company will not violate privacy laws. There will be a privacy guideline framework and human intervention will be made a norm in managing user data. In addition to these, there will be different levels of user data offuscation that will improve privacy.

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