Kivu launches CyberCertainty Managed XDR and Expanded New Partnerships

Kivu Consulting, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider, announced the launch of its CyberCertainty Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR), the next generation of its leading managed security service. “The combination of Kivu’s threat expertise along with innovative, leading technology enables us to provide powerful proactive hunting, detective, and response capabilities to our clients in a solution with a fast time-to-value that’s effective in countering modern threat actors,” said Gary Alterson, VP of Managed Services, Kivu.

Supported by Kivu’s SOC, CyberCertainty Managed XDR enables agile protection, detection, and blocking of modern cyberattacks across multiple attack paths including endpoint, network, identity, cloud, and more; combining leading technology with the ability to ingest and analyze any client security telemetry available. CyberCertainty Managed XDR leverages insight from Kivu’s 15+ years as a leader in incident response and cyber-extortion, along with open-source, commercial, and proprietary threat intelligence to identify new and emerging threats faster and more effectively, giving our clients the cyber certainty to focus on growing their businesses.

Kivu Expands Partnership with CrowdStrike

CyberCertainty Managed XDR is powered by CrowdStrike Falcon® Next-Gen SIEM, which brings enhanced benefits to our valued customers with up to 150x faster search performance than legacy SIEMs and solutions positioned as SIEM alternatives. This means quicker detection and response to potential threats, ensuring our clients’ data and systems remain secure.

“The speed and sophistication of modern adversaries requires that security teams be able to rapidly ingest and analyze massive amounts of data to detect, investigate and respond to attacks at machine speed,” said Daniel Bernard, chief business officer, CrowdStrike. “Adding the cutting-edge technology of Falcon Next-Gen SIEM into Kivu’s CyberCertainty Managed XDR will assure customers that they have the best tools and expertise at their disposal to stop breaches.”

Kivu Partners with Lumu to Expand Threat Detection and Response

To provide enhanced network visibility and response capabilities across client networks, Kivu partnered with Lumu Technologies. Lumu’s AI powered network real-time detection, analysis and response engine provides leading network defense capabilities that are easy to integrate into client networks. “Adding Lumu’s advanced network metadata analytics to CyberCertainty Managed XDR enables us to provide unparalleled visibility and response across multiple attack paths in a way that few others can match,” said Alterson. Ricardo Villadiego, Founder and CEO of Lumu, said “We are thrilled to partner with Kivu to elevate their cybersecurity operations through our robust threat detection and response platform. Lumu for MSPs/MSSPs was purposefully built to help TSPs operate cybersecurity efficiently, making the best use of their existing technologies and human talent.”

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