KORE Launches MODGo™

KORE’s MODGo addresses organizations’ needs for ease of implementation, visibility and control of IoT devices, as well as related logistics and managed services

KORE, a global leader in Internet of Things (“IoT”) Solutions and worldwide IoT Connectivity-as-a-Service (“IoT CaaS”), will launch and demonstrate its new technology software MODGo, which provides a unified, digital approach to IoT asset management, at Mobile World Congress Barcelona. This cutting-edge solution provides a streamlined approach to managed services, designed to help organizations overcome the challenges of IoT implementation and management.

“KORE MODGo represents true customer-led innovation. It is a SaaS solution that addresses the key difficulties organizations experience with their IoT deployments and streamlines the entire process of implementing and managing connected devices,” KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl said. “We know that in order for companies to embrace IoT and reap its tremendous benefits for themselves and their end customers, we must reduce the complexities not just at startup but also throughout the entire lifecycle of the solution.”

MODGo, a SaaS-based platform, makes it easy to Manage, Order, and Deploy IoT on the Go, providing organizations with a single solution to simplify the entire process. With MODGo, organizations achieve greater control over their IoT ecosystem, including device deployment, network connectivity, hardware configuration, inventory and order management, device monitoring, lifecycle management and reverse logistics.

For example, an organization selling devices for usage-based vehicle insurance must first manage the logistics – getting the devices to the right customers – before even addressing the complexities associated with IoT, for example, configuring the devices with the requested network connectivity and data plan. Once a customer receives the devices, the customer then needs to assess whether the devices are working properly, transmitting data, and accurately reporting. If the customer needs additional or replacement devices or to send back old devices for repurposing or disposal, the organization is responsible for that, as well.

KORE customer IMS, a leading vehicle driving data and connected insurance solution provider, collaborated with KORE on the development of MODGo and described the impact on its operations.

“IMS is driven by a sensor-agnostic and engagement-centric approach to mass-market connected insurance solutions. If that data collection sensor is a piece of hardware, then success relies upon a series of interrelated complex processes extending across order to device monitoring. We have helped KORE design MODGo in a way that enables us to simplify, visualize and control each of these complex steps, enrollment, shipping, tracking, asset managements; along with SIM activations and smart monitoring,” said Steve Slater, Vice President Operations and Supply Chain – Americas, IMS.

“E-tailers like Amazon have raised the bar for direct-to-customer logistics and have created very high expectations on the part of consumers. This new approach with KORE will allow us to make sure we can meet these expectations and provide best-in-class fulfillment service for our customers,” added David Lukens, Senior Vice President Sales – North America, IMS. “This innovation enables us to continue to deliver the highest levels of program success to our insurance customers, by ensuring their consumers are engaged and supported with the highest qualify supply chain services and experiences.”

MODGo Launching at MWC Barcelona

KORE will be demonstrating MODGo during MWC Barcelona February 27 through March 2, 2023. Attendees are encouraged to schedule a meeting with KORE on-site for a free demonstration and more information about how MODGo and the entire KORE portfolio is designed to simplify IoT.

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