LegalMation Enhances its AI Platform to Handle COVID-19 Lawsuits

In response to customer requests given the anticipated surge in coronavirus-related lawsuits, LegalMation® announces that it has enhanced its platform to handle COVID-19-related matters in all available practice areas for its complaint analysis tool. The groundbreaking AI litigation platform now detects and intelligently responds to COVID-19-related causes of action for employment, personal injury, and insurance cases, generating high-quality draft answers and discovery documents in mere minutes.

Amid this on-going crisis, law firms and corporate legal departments alike have been more pressed than ever to save time and make every billable hour count. The increasing frequency of this new case type, and the new challenges of working from home, require an efficient and dynamic workflow solution. By tailoring its software to fit the immediate needs of its users, LegalMation is in turn enabling attorneys and support staff to adapt to the demands of the current climate, in real-time. “In this unprecedented crisis, our primary goal is to help our customers seamlessly continue to serve their clients through the use of our platform,” stated James M. Lee, CEO. “With such continuous improvements, our system is always getting smarter.”

Additionally, to help provide aid to litigation professionals that have been impacted by COVID-19, LegalMation is offering free usage of its products to new clients. To learn more, please visit, or connect with us at to learn how LegalMation can significantly reduce the time you spend on routine litigation tasks.

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