Lumen expands Genesys partnership

Lumen’s global network now paired with experience-orchestration capability from Genesys

Contact centers are looking to transition quickly from physical, on-premises solutions to cloud-based and hybrid models. This helps them gain flexibility, data security, functionality, and reduced costs, and it is why Lumen Technologies® (NYSE: LUMN) today announced the launch of Lumen Solutions for Contact Center – Genesys Cloud. The new service is the result of Lumen’s expanded partnership with Genesys®,  the global cloud leader in experience orchestration and one of the world’s premier contact center technology providers.

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Speed Read:

  • Lumen Solutions for Contact Center – Genesys Cloud is a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS).
  • It enables a seamless move from legacy, capital-intensive contact center services to a flexible, cloud-based or hybrid solution that drives customer retention, increases productivity and decreases costs.
  • The service is an all-in-one contact center solution for enterprise-grade and Public Sector-grade communications, collaboration, and customer experience management.
  • As a modern, API-first, experience-orchestration platform, Genesys Cloud enables organizations to coordinate every customer interaction and touchpoint with frictionless and connected experiences for customers and employees.
    • This is done through a full suite of omnichannel options, built-in employee experience, turnkey AI and end-to-end journey optimization.
  • CCaaS is a framework that combines contact center hosting principles and cloud-based contact center infrastructure.
    • With CCaaS, organizations gain flexibility and agility, and they can pay less for assets with peak- and low-demand loads.

“Moving from older contact center infrastructure to the latest technologies is a major change for companies, but the massive improvements to efficiency and effectiveness make it worth the effort,” said Craig Richter, senior director of UC&C product management for Lumen. “Legacy platforms are capital intensive, while newer cloud-based or hybrid solutions are much more flexible and cost effective.”

Richter continued, “Lumen is helping customers rapidly adapt without investing capital or IT resources. We can do this because we have more than 30 years in the contact center business, and we leveraged that knowledge to inform our new suite of CCaaS offerings. Additionally, as a network partner and CCaaS provider, we offer a holistic solution that is unique in the marketplace. This combination of expertise and capabilities is powerful, and customers are leaning on us to build efficient, stable, cost-effective contact center operations; create positive experiences for their customers; and ultimately improve their bottom line.”Tech Talk:

  • Lumen Solutions for Contact Center – Genesys Cloud incorporates advanced contact center functionality that handles every aspect of customer interaction. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Speech-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    • Skills-based queuing and routing of interactions
    • Recording and archival of all interaction types
    • Sentiment analysis
  • With real-time monitoring and supervision and insightful data analytics from Genesys Cloud, companies can leverage artificial intelligence to automate customer interactions through voice (voicebots) or chat (chatbots).
  • Lumen Solutions for Contact Center – Genesys Cloud is currently available for enterprise customers. A FedRAMP-compliant solution for the Public Sector will be available in the coming months.

“Our expanded partnership with Lumen will offer customers a way to orchestrate end-to-end journeys,” said Marc Donnelly, vice president of partner and alliances at Genesys. “This solution enables them to listen to and understand their customers and employees, predict actions, and shape what comes next to drive meaningful business outcomes.”

Lumen Solutions for Contact Center – Genesys Cloud comes at a time when companies are more focused than ever on the customer experience. “According to our research, customer engagement technology will be hot in 2023, with 65.1% of companies planning to increase their spending — more than any other area, including security, professional services, WAN, or wireless,” says Robin Gareiss, CEO of Metrigy. “Many companies are moving to cloud platforms to improve agility and to better serve remote workers, and 37.8% use or plan to use service providers such as Lumen for a variety of reasons, including solid network performance/reliability, lower costs, security capabilities, and bundled services. The Lumen/Genesys partnership delivers the benefits of a cloud platform with the additional value a network service provider brings.”Additional Resources:

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