MyWebAR Technology Allows Teachers to Create AR Teaching Aids Without Any Coding Experience

DEVAR, creators of bestselling Augmented Reality books for children, is announcing the launch of MyWebAR - an online service that gives educators an opportunity for an early transition to online learning of the future by providing schools and teachers with free access to the entire AR library which includes 3D models and ready-to-use study materials.

Since 2015, DEVAR has been focusing on providing the best AR experience for children, featuring over 200 edutainment products, and recording over seven million sales.

Today, with the mission of increasing student engagement and revolutionizing the traditional educational system, DEVAR aims to solve the challenges of remote education by introducing MyWebARThis user-friendly online service empowers teachers with Augmented Reality teaching aids and requires no coding skills or experience. Based on previous studies, MyWebAR utilizes the latest AR technology to help teachers to motivate students and accelerate their learning process by offering a hands-on, interactive Augmented Reality experience via a simple online interface. By leveraging next-level AR tech via the MyWebAR platform, teachers can present their online classes in an efficient way to students during the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore, after the pandemic is over, schools can also integrate Augmented Reality into their offline, traditional processes via MyWebAR to revolutionize the educational system.

Governments all around the world have imposed measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. In the United States alone, school closures have affected at least 124,000 public and private schools, as well as 55.1 million students. While schools are transitioning to online education, many students are falling behind, with a significant part of the children coping with problems like increased stress, overwhelming tasks, isolation, and lack of focus amid the COVID-19 crisis. With over 30% of U.S. public school teachers being above the age of 50, educators are also facing problems with online classes as they lack the necessary digital skills and experience.

“Students and teachers need Augmented Reality now more than ever. With many children falling behind in online classes amid the coronavirus crisis, it’s no longer a luxury but rather a necessity to use the technology for educational purposes. And even after the outbreak is over, schools have to review and change how offline education could be more interactive and engaging for students. AR is a good way to facilitate this change as the technology offers proven benefits for children’s learning, such as improved motivation, content understanding, and memory retention before, during, and after classes. We at DEVAR work hard to accomplish this goal, offering an easy way for schools and teachers to integrate AR into their offline and online classrooms via our MyWebAR service,” Anna Belova, CEO of DEVAR, stated.

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