OffSec Expands Global Partner Program

The program now includes more partner types, a tiered rewards program, marketing suite, market development funds, and a larger team to support broader geographical reach

OffSec, the leader in continuous cybersecurity workforce development and learning, today announced the launch of the newly expanded OffSec Global Partner Program. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, organizations are seeking reliable partners to address the ever-growing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals. In response to this market need, OffSec’s new program introduces a range of new features designed to empower and support partner organizations.

First launched in April 2022, the OffSec Partner Program featured three partner types: Channel, Learning, and Education Partners. The Channel Partner program has since been expanded to include Distributors and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) with three more now being introduced:

  • Government Partners – Enabling government resellers, learning partners, and prime contractors to deliver OffSec solutions and live training to government agencies and institutions.
  • Alliance Partners – Partnering with global financial and consulting organizations to expand their cybersecurity knowledge for internal and client needs.
  • Strategic Accounts – An exclusive membership for large global enterprise customers to join the new Partner Program. Loyal members will receive benefits and incentives.

“We now have an unparalleled opportunity to leverage the synergies of our best-in-class cybersecurity learning and training offerings with a robust partner program that now includes six partner types, each with distinct benefits and resources to manage the market demand. OffSec recognizes that cybersecurity is first-and-foremost a people problem,” said Sean Donnelly, Head of Channel and Partnerships at OffSec. “We accept the challenge to provide the necessary training to a global market for individual learners, government employees, large and small enterprise organizations, and our global alliance partners. With the launch of our enhanced partner program, we strive to utilize all avenues of our partner ecosystem to reach the learners that endeavor to be part of the community to combat cybersecurity threats.”

The OffSec Partner Program is now backed by a larger team dedicated to supporting partner organizations. The expanded team comprises industry experts and experienced professionals who will provide personalized assistance, guidance, and technical support to partners, ensuring seamless and productive collaboration and broader geographical coverage.

OffSec has upgraded its Partner Portal and introduced advanced features such as a partner locator tool for lead generation. This tool allows potential customers to search for and connect with partners based on their specific needs and location. Additionally, partners can access on-demand sales training through the portal, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively promote and sell OffSec’s solutions. To further support partners in their marketing activities and initiatives, OffSec is introducing market development funds (MDF).

Through the new tiered rewards program, partner organizations can access additional benefits for driving revenue or completing key sales enablement and marketing activities in the Partner Portal.

“OffSec is by far, one of the leaders in the cyber skills training landscape. It’s not often that the leader of the pack continues to dominate whilst disrupting the market. With the unrivaled OffSec brand and their tenacious attitude for innovation, like the new OffSec Cyber Range, every team should have access to OffSec training,” said Richard Beck, Director of Cyber Security at QA Ltd.

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