Onvis Recognized by Thread Group with Innovation Enabler Award

Onvis/ChampOn, a creator of innovative smart devices helping global consumers build smart, enjoyable and secure homes, today announced it has been recognized by the Thread Group with its Innovation Enabler Award. It is an acknowledgment of the innovation and dedication that the Onvis team has exhibited in their revolutionary smart home products.

Launched in 2015, the Thread Group Innovation Enabler Program recognizes early-stage companies from around the world, for their innovative approaches to solving IoT challenges using the Thread protocol. The award supports the creative possibilities that start-up companies can bring to the IoT ecosystem by giving them access to the resources and network within the Thread Group.

“As an industry alliance, Thread Group is always looking for new ways to enable IoT convergence, and address challenges around security, energy footprint, and architecture at the network layer, and our members are key to this mission,” said Sujata Neidig, VP of Marketing, Thread Group. “The Thread Group Innovation Enabler Program furthers this mission by providing start-up companies the opportunity to define IoT through access to Thread’s technology and their members. We selected Onvis based on the abundant innovations exhibited in their existing and forthcoming Thread products.”

Thread is a reliable, secure and ultra-low power network protocol that delivers fast response times, extended coverage and years of battery life to elevate connected experiences. As an IP-based open standard, Thread allows home automation devices such as lighting, thermostats, door locks, sensors and smart speakers to securely, reliably and simply integrate into smart homes or buildings and connect directly to the cloud.

“Onvis is offering a series of innovative products bringing amazing user experiences enabled by Thread,” said Bon Chen, GM of Onvis(ChampOn). “We cannot be more excited upon receiving the Thread Group Innovation Enabler Award. Upgrading from Bluetooth to Thread, Onvis Apple HomeKit products, CT3, SMS2, CS2 and HS2 make instant and reliable reaction, a perfect match with Onvis product vision. The Thread mesh network and Onvis battery powered solutions allow customers using our products virtually anywhere at home.”

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