OriginGPS Presents Diverse IoT Demos at MWCA 2018 With Miniature OriginIoT™ System Leapfrogging IoT Projects Straight to Prototype and Final Product

OriginGPS Presents Diverse IoT Demos at MWCA 2018 With Miniature OriginIoT™ System Leapfrogging IoT Projects Straight to Prototype and Final Product

OriginGPS demonstrates cellular IoT applications with smart baseball and connected safety lock at MWCA. The 18.8×26.7mm-sized OriginIoT™ is embedded in solutions with add-ons atop, while sensors provide data to any cloud via cellular communication.

OriginGPS, the global market leader in small-format GNSS modulesand cellular IoT systems, will be presenting live demos with its innovative OriginIoT™ system. The system expedites development of IoT products enabling developers to build extremely compact end solutions with instant IoT connectivity, and without writing embedded code. The OriginIoT™ connects to a host of sensors and peripheral devices, allowing developers to measure and monitor virtually anything for their IoT products – which may now be configured and managed entirely from the cloud of their choice.

OriginIoT™ systems relieve the developer from engaging in embedded code, cellular   technologies, electrical engineering, RF planning, PCB design, and assembly. In this way customers can quickly and cost-effectively bring their 2G, 3G, LTE, CAT-M, or NB-IoT connected products to market, cutting product development costs by over 70%. The OriginIoT™ includes interfaces to power supply and digital/analog interfaces, and to peripheral and user-selected sensors and devices. OriginGPS ready to use add-ons include 9-Axis motion sensor, barometric pressure sensor, power management, encryption, Wi-Fi/BT, battery charging and a USB connector option.

“We help our customers build IoT products speedily and easily, and provide accessible IoT and GNSS expertise through our product teams with live sessions. We developed the smart baseball and connected safety lock demos for the MWCA in just 6 weeks. The OriginIoT™ incorporates our patented technology, which encapsulates a unique method of sensor operation from a remote cloud server – and you can connect conveniently to the cloud of your choice,” concluded Robert van Tilburg, VP Global Sales and Business Development of OriginGPS.

OriginGPS will be showcasing its GNSS modules and OriginIoT™ systems at MWCA 018 Sep 12 -14, 2018, Booth S.2460.

OriginGPS will be demonstrating IoT-enabled solutions in areas such as connected agriculture, safety and security, industrial machinery, and environmental monitoring at ElectronicaMunichNov 13-16 booth C3-107, and at IoT Expo North America, Santa Clara, Nov 28-19 booth 491.

About OriginGPS

OriginGPS develops fully-integrated, miniaturized GNSS, and integrated IoT solutions for developers. For over a decade, our experts have been developing ultra-sensitive, reliable, high performance modules with the smallest footprint on the market, and supporting a range of verticals, such as wearables, drones, asset tracking, smart cities, precision agriculture and commercial and industrial IoT.

Media Contact

Brandon Oakes

Sales and Marketing Director, OriginGPS,  +1-913-378-3843


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