Pramati Technologies Launches to Help Enterprises Optimize Website Conversion Rates supports AI-based segmentation and strategic micro conversions that add up to overall conversion goals
Pramati Technologies Launches to Help Enterprises Optimize Website Conversion Rates

Pramati Technologies, a software technology incubator, today announced the launch of, a new conversational user experience platform that learns directly from website visitors and uses AI techniques to more accurately segment users and drive higher conversion rates. While conversational interfaces (also known as chatbots) have been prevalent, the use of AI and machine learning for driving conversions has not been fully explored by enterprises. is a groundbreaking tool for marketers who historically have had to “best guess” customer segmentation based on behavior and demographic information, which may not always paint an accurate picture. Launching in beta for enterprise users, enables marketers to enhance third-party data with first-party data and deliver more relevant content and more successful micro conversions.

“Micro conversions, the smaller steps consumers take before they convert, are critical to delivering overall conversion goals such as purchase. However, executing an effective micro conversion strategy is difficult, as most marketers are unable to gauge user intent well enough to serve up the right content that will engage the user,” said Vivek Lakshman, Co-founder and Vice President of Products at “Marketers are looking for ways to more effectively nudge users towards desired behaviors; provides a flexible and cost-effective way to influence behavior by helping marketers better understand website visitors.”

Chatlets can be deployed exactly where needed on websites and landing pages to collect first-party data and combine it with third-party data from existing backend systems. Another key feature is that is non-intrusive to website navigation and does not require disruptive design or backend changes to websites to implement.

“Chatlets combine the best of chatbots, conversational forms and third-party data in a purposeful way,” said Lakshman. “Most marketers say converting leads is a top priority; optimizing micro conversions using Chatlets can give them that essential competitive edge.”

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About Pramati Technologies
Pramati Technologies thrives on a model of alternative entrepreneurship that sets it apart from other incubators and enables it to build independent companies focused on social, mobile, and cloud computing technologies. This model of innovation has led to several successful M&A deals with large US public corporations like VMware Inc., Autodesk Inc., and Progress Software. Current Pramati portfolio companies include Wavemaker, ThumbSignIn, Reve Marketing, SpotCues, HyScale and Apitive. In addition, Pramati’s Imaginea business offers consulting services to help enterprises and ISVs adopt more innovative and profitable business practices. Pramati companies employ over 1,500 employees across three continents. Its US headquarters is based in Mountain View,

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