PriSec Boot Camp provides training for HIPAA & other security programs

Immersive experience for privacy and security programs like HIPAA

Information privacy and security has increased in significance for companies and organizations of all sizes. However, as the toll information losses and cyberattacks take on companies are fully realized, the stakes are higher than ever for those responsible for protecting critical data and infrastructure. To help prepare professionals at all levels for this challenge—from the C-suite and attorneys to technology professionals and vendors—the PriSec Boot Camp provides highly specialized training for those who must understand, develop and manage formal privacy and security programs like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

The boot camp, which will occur Monday, Sept. 12 – Thursday, Sept. 15, at the Hyatt Regency Louisville, in Louisville, KY, will be divided into four major themes:

  • “SCRIM” (Supply Chain Risk Management) – Managing bidirectional supply chain risks
  • “Ya Got to Prove It” – Implementing best practices for security documentation, training, policies and procedures
  • “Risky Business” – Identifying and managing PriSec (privacy and security) risks and assigning the appropriate monetary value
  • “Murphy’s Law” – Preparing for and managing worst case scenarios

“In recent years, the conversation about privacy and security has shifted from ‘IF’ to ‘WHEN,’” said Donna Grindle, CHPC, Founder and CEO of Kardon, a healthcare consulting services firm focused on HIPAA privacy and security, and co-lead of Health and Human Services (HHS) 405(d) Task Group Ambassadors, an initiative to strengthen cybersecurity practices in healthcare and the public health sector. “Adhering to HIPAA goes a long way toward protecting patients’ privacy, but it’s the bare minimum because every organization’s information is at risk. Something as simple as clicking on the wrong email link can bring an entire organization to a halt.”

That’s why Kardon, the Help Me with HIPAA podcast and HIPAA for MSPs partnered with some of the leading privacy and security firms in the country—SPHER, ComplyAssistant, SecurityMetrics and Black Talon Security—to develop the PriSec Boot Camp, she said. There’s not another opportunity like this where technical and non-technical people from all levels of the organization can come together to discover why this important information is needed, then learn how to refine and/or execute a solid “prisec” plan. With more than 30 hours of instruction from industry experts, participants will walk away with the action plans, tools and resources needed to implement the best practices in privacy and security.

Susana Tuttle, Senior Director of Compliance and Privacy Officer for IPG, said, “If you work in healthcare and need to broaden your understanding of HIPAA privacy and security regulations, this is the place for you. The training provides you with the compliance skills needed to immediately implement HHS’ requirements and beyond. It’s also presented in a fun and engaging manner. I’m not aware of another unique learning opportunity like this anywhere.”

The PriSec Boot Camp is designed for professionals in the following roles:

  • Administrators
  • Attorneys
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
  • Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
  • Business Owners
  • Compliance Officers
  • Information Technology Managers
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
  • Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)
  • Privacy Officers
  • Security Officers

For more information about the PriSec Boot Camp, discounts for Kardon Club and HIPAA for MSP members, or to register, visit The “early bird” registration rate of $1,696 is available through July 12; the regular price is $1,996. A limited number of discounted room rates are available at the Hyatt Regency Louisville.

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