Saagie Launches DataOps Orchestration in North America

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Saagie Inc. began as an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning consulting company in France founded by Arnaud Muller in 2013. By 2016, it became clear that companies needed more than just strategic advisory and implementation services, they needed an automated technology solution that accelerated and operationalized big data analytics projects. Over the past 3 years, Saagie grew from a handful of employees to over 80 employees successfully launching their DataOps Orchestration solution in France, which seamlessly accelerates the distribution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to easily circulate across an organization, giving companies an unmatched competitive advantage. Their next strategic move was to expand their operations to the United States with an experienced data management team.

“It was an easy decision to initially expand our company into the US since it’s the largest B2B market in the world. Our solution will provide many US companies the ability to make Big Data and AI initiatives a real success in production and deliver true value for their organizations,” said Arnaud Muller, Co-Founder of Saagie.

Hiring the US Operations Team
Saagie took their time to find the right first hire in North America; Steve Huber was chosen to join the Saagie team as their Executive Vice President of the American markets. Mr. Huber has over 25 years of experience in the information technology field, specializing in the areas of Data Management, Analytics and Big Data. He has a successful track record building and managing high performance go-to-market and operational teams, and extensive experience with early stage ventures driving product market fit and execution.

“I am excited about this venture in the DataOps Community and the team we are building in the US with Saagie,” said Steve Huber, EVP Americas. “Saagie has proven their success in Big Data and AI within France by bringing people, process and technology together within companies to enhance their data analytic projects. The ability to deliver DataOps Orchestration in the US will be a game-changer for large companies sitting on large amounts of data, but unable to effectively process and analyze the data to make better business decisions.”

DataOps Orchestration Solution
Saagie’s mission is to unify people, process and technology enabling organizations to deliver projects from raw data to production in weeks. Saagie delivers unmatched time-to-value, is “open by design” with isolated containers, strong network engineering as well as transparent security and governance bringing trust, privacy, audit and traceability to analytic projects. Saagie includes best-in-class integration with open source and commercial technologies to support today’s Big Data/AI and analytic use cases enabling global companies to realize value from their data intensive initiatives. Ultimately, Saagie provides a Plug and Play Orchestrator for DataOps that accelerates the distribution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to give companies a competitive advantage across industries.

“Saagie’s solution is unique because it unites different teams such as IT Ops, data, development and business, which use a variety of applications. It is now much easier for them to collaborate and achieve solid release processes with a much shorter time-to-value,” explained Barthélémy Longueville, Chief Data Officer, Vallourec.

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