SafeHouse Tech launches SafetyScore to assess user’s safety online

SafeHouse Tech’s Safety Score is industry-first and sets a new standard for online safety for internet users 

SafeHouse Tech, an Indo-Israeli cybersecurity company launched the unique ‘SafetyScore’ with the newest version of its flagship mobile security product – BodyGuard. The first-of-its-kind feature provides users with a comprehensive analysis of the security of their devices and their awareness of general online safety. SafeHouse is the first company to provide such an offering that informs people about their online protection status and suggests simple steps to improve it.

SafetyScore is a rating system that measures and assesses user’s overall digital safety. With just a glance, the score will show the person how exposed they are to digital threats, followed by getting simple tips for monitoring, controlling, and improving user’s online protection. In other words, one gets to see how a hacker sees them.

Talking about the launch of SafetyScore, Aditya Narang, Co-Founder and CBO, SafeHouse Techsaid, “It is a proud moment to launch SafetyScore. We are pioneers to offer our users this kind of technology. We believe users should be aware of the threats they face online and how they can combat them. Like how CIBIL provides information on one’s financial standing, BodyGuard’s SafetyScore assesses your digital safety status. We are committed towards working continuously for improvements and advancements in our product keeping in mind the ever-changing demands of the market.” He further added, “SafetyScore offers actions to keep yourself and your data safe online and private through easy-to-follow steps. You can evaluate your digital security risks and receive expert recommendations for enhancing your online protection. It is a must-have tool for all smartphone users.”

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