Sensentia Announces AI Solution for Medicare Sales

Sensentia, a leader in AI-powered healthtech, is launching SalesSense for sales agents and brokers to streamline and improve new Medicare member sales

Sensentia, a healthcare technology company focused on AI-powered health insurance information accessibility, is launching SalesSense™ for health insurance agents and brokers to quickly and efficiently respond to new Medicare sales and renewals inquiries. SalesSense, helps payers efficiently connect with the 10,000 seniors aging into Medicare each day and help them to compare and select the best fit benefit plan.

Powered by AI, Sensentia’s benefit modeling expertise creates a single source of truth that enables detailed, accurate and speedy responses for Medicare prospect or member inquiries. New SalesSense capabilities for brokers and agents are a natural extension of the existing member self-service and virtual agent solutions that facilitate benefits shopping for Medicare members.

The functionality of SalesSense is crucial in supporting Medicare sales agents and brokers who are helping seniors shop for policies or medical services, giving them information in easy-to-understand language and enabling them to make well-informed healthcare benefit and cost decisions.

The central advancement of SalesSense is the unparalleled ability to access information at the procedure or care episode level, a granularity of responsiveness not previously available in the market. Agents are freed from the need to manually research answers to specific benefit questions, and can avoid losing the sale.

Jan Junclaus, CEO of Sensentia, stated, “Medicare shoppers are increasingly discerning and want the best-fit plan based on in-network providers, specific benefit criteria or coverage of anticipated care episodes, like knee replacements.  The ability of a sales agent to answer questions confidently, quickly, and with accuracy is paramount to member satisfaction, care delivery and price transparency. SalesSense really is a win-win: Medicare executives looking to differentiate in a highly competitive market can decrease cost of sales while providing an exceptional member experience.”

Sensentia’s SalesSense solution seamlessly integrates into a sales agent’s existing workflow and CRM systems, giving agents and outside brokers detailed benefit information and plan comparisons at their fingertips so they can quickly and efficiently respond to Medicare sales and renewal inquiries. With SalesSense, agents and brokers can find the answers to the most detailed questions, even on a procedural level such as, “Am I fully covered for a routine colonoscopy at age 53?” or “Am I covered for an Uber ride to the hospital?”

Not only does this approach comply with government mandates and improve price transparency, it also increases satisfaction scores and can improve Star ratings for insurance providers.

Ultimately, what consumers require to have confidence in their healthcare decisions is an easy-to-use tool or straightforward service interaction that gives them accurate cost information at the procedure and episode of care level.

Visit to learn more about SalesSense. To see a live demo or set up a meeting, contact Sensentia.

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