Empathy at Scale at the Pace of Digital in Financial Services

Building trust and empathy is top of mind for many financial services executives looking to cement client loyalty in an increasingly competitive market.

But how can banks really demonstrate empathy at the scale of digital? What does empathy really mean in the context of improving customer experience, especially when the trend is for that experience to happen over digital and mobile channels?

This Industry Spotlight from IDC analyst Marc DeCastro, developed exclusively for Smart Communications, discusses how financial services institutions can re-imagine digital engagement strategies, recognizing that customers require a more hyper-personalized experience like the one they get from digital sources outside of financial services.

Read this paper today to discover:

  • Three roadblocks preventing many firms from creating an empathetic, personalized experience
  • Four areas of data and technology banks need to connect to deliver a customer experience that shows empathy
  • Two ways to think about removing friction and using AI to incorporate contextual awareness along the customer journey

From account opening and loan origination to onboarding and servicing, find out where to focus your innovation efforts to build trust and improve the customer experience across every touch point. Get your copy today.

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