SuperBase Pro Power Station Enters Final 48 Hours of Crowdfunding

Zendure’s flagship power station has raised over $1.1M on Indiegogo, and their 42% off promotion ends in two days. Solar panels are also available through the campaign.

SuperBase Pro, Zendure’s new IoT-friendly power station, is wrapping up its 60-day Indiegogo campaign on October 17th. The immensely successful campaign has raised over $1.1M USD, as backers and reviewers alike favor Zendure’s flagship power station for its competitive pricing, portability, and unique featureset.

The Indiegogo campaign includes standalone and bundle packages with discounts of up to 42% off the anticipated retail price.

The power station boasts quick recharge capability (80% in one hour, and a full charge in two hours), 2,000W nominal AC output with 4,000W surge capacity, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) functionality, and an extending handle designed to work with the built-in wheels for easy portability.  Two versions of the power station are available. SuperBase Pro 2000 has an energy capacity of 2,096Wh, while SuperBase Pro 1500’s capacity is 1,456Wh. The 1500 model uses LiFePo4 battery cells instead of Li-NMC, for a longer product lifespan.

The power station also has several IoT-enabled features including anti-theft tracking, remote management, and status notifications. These features are available thanks to SuperBase Pro’s built-in 4G and GPS hardware.

Zendure is also offering a 200W solar panel on the crowdfunding platform. Zendure’s solar panels are built for portability and weather resistance. The high-efficiency panels are made with ETEF material, are IP67 waterproof, and were specifically created to complement SuperBase Pro.

The solar panels can be ordered through Indiegogo without the SuperBase Pro power station for $449. The panels are also available as an add-on to an existing Indiegogo perk, or as part of a bundle. A bundle including SuperBase Pro 1500 and three solar panels is available for $2,199 (42% off retail), and a similar bundle with SuperBase Pro 2000 is available for $2,499, 39% off retail.

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