Think Cyber Security: The tech firm that uses human behaviour to counter cyber threats

UK start-up Think Cyber Security will be welcomed into the Government’s £13.5m innovation centre to help enhance its work on using human behavioural science to tackle cyber attacks initiated by people. It’s using behavioural science to ward off cyber threats, and now Think Cyber Security has been named as the first business to benefit from the UK Government’s £13.5 million dedicated centre for innovation.

Its “Redflags” software continually detects and models the security activity of individual IT users, ensuring company’s receive relevant, timely guidance so as to prevent cyber attacks – 90% of which are initiated by humans.

The start-up is part of the first cohort of UK-based businesses to join the LondonOffice for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA), which will give it access to resources, investors and the international cyber security community.

Think Cyber Security offers something different in crowded marketplace
Think Cyber Security CEO Tim Ward said: “This is fantastic recognition of the innovation in our approach to security awareness and in our Redflags product.
“It highlights that the market is crying out for something new.
“We will be basing ourselves at the site as many days a week as we can.
“It’s a great facility for hosting meetings, collaborating with fellow start-ups and with onsite services – for example design, insurance, legal and banking.”


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