ThreatLocker partners with ConnectWise to Provide Enterprise Level Cybersecurity

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ThreatLocker, an Orlando based cybersecurity firm, who specializes in providing enterprise level endpoint security solutions to small, medium and large enterprise has entered into an agreement with ConnectWise, a software company that connects teams with the platform and solutions that deliver technology as a service to the world. The integration will provide endpoint security services to Managed IT Service providers through the ConnectWise platform.

ThreatLocker, a leader in Application Whitelisting, offers clients the ability to control exactly what software is running on their devices. Unlike antivirus, ThreatLocker blocks everything that is not explicitly trusted by the IT department.  Until now, technologies such as Application Whitelisting and Ringfencing™, which are used heavily in the federal government and enterprise, have not been viable solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. With ThreatLocker’s integration into the ConnectWise platform, companies who rely on Managed IT Service Providers can now benefit from enterprise technologies provided by ThreatLocker, such as Application Whitelisting, Ringfencing, and Storage Device Control.

ThreatLocker CEO Danny Jenkins said, “The agreement with ConnectWise is an important step in arming Managed IT Service Providers with the tools needed to fight against today’s cyber threats. It is extremely difficult for smaller businesses to get the cybersecurity defenses that larger enterprises benefit from. This ConnectWise integration goes a long way in improving this.”

“We are excited to have ThreatLocker join our group of integrators,” said Travis Vigneau, Director of Solution Partner Strategy at ConnectWise. “This is another step in providing MSP’s the tools they need to offer enterprise-level security.”

Technologies such as Application Whitelisting are becoming a critical and common part of cybersecurity. Application Whitelisting is listed by industry leaders as an extremely important tool in defense against modern malware.

About ThreatLocker
ThreatLocker® is a global leader that provides enterprise-level cybersecurity tools to improve the security of servers and endpoints. ThreatLocker Application Whitelisting, RingFencing, and Storage Control solutions are leading the cybersecurity market to the more secure approach of blocking all unknown threats.

About ConnectWise
ConnectWise is a software company that connects teams with the platform and solutions that deliver technology as a service to the world. Our award-winning business management platform automates the full lifecycle of technology service delivery, from sales and service to project tracking and back-office functions, for more than 25,000 partners in more than 65 countries.

SOURCE ThreatLocker, Inc.

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