VI Labs’ Vlad Iliushin Joins AMTSO as New Board Member

Luis Corrons at Avast and Simon Edwards at SE Labs remain co-chairmen

AMTSO, the cybersecurity industry’s testing standard community, today announced a new board elected by its members, with Vlad Iliushin, Founder of VI Labs, joining AMTSO’s board. On the tester side, the members re-elected Maik Morgenstern, CEO and Technical Director of AV-Test, Jesse Song, CEO of SKD Labs, and Simon Edwards, CEO of SE Labs, and on the vendor side, Alexander Vukcevic, Director of Threat Protection Labs at NortonLifeLock, and Glaucia Young, Engineering Director at Microsoft, as board members.

Vlad Iliushin brings over ten years of experience as a cybersecurity researcher to AMTSO, with a strong background in IoT and mobile security research. He worked as an IoT Lab Lead at Avast for several years before founding his own business, VI Labs, focused on competitive intelligence and SaaS, and in these roles has been involved in driving and contributing to AMTSO’s IoT working group, which recently released the AMTSO Guidelines for Testing of IoT Security Products. Earlier, he worked as an Android Tester and Automation Engineer for Samsung Electronics.

“We are excited to welcome Vlad Iliushin as a new board member; tapping into his know-how in the field of IoT security already has already been and will be of great value for AMTSO. We started out as an organization with the mission to create a fair testing standard for the anti-malware space, however today, cybersecurity is so much more than anti-malware protection. As our discussions broaden to cover IoT, mobile and cloud security testing, it’s essential to have board representatives from the wider cybersecurity industry today,” said Dennis Batchelder, president and CEO at AMTSO.

The AMTSO board is comprised of tester and vendor members to reflect both sides in an equal manner when developing objective standards and best-practices for the testing and assessment of cybersecurity products.

Luis Corrons, Security Evangelist of Avast, and Simon Edwards will continue to jointly chair the board. David Ellis, Vice President of Sales and Corporate Relations at cloud security validation provider SecureIQLab, was elected for a 2-year board position in 2021, and is continuing to support the board as a member.

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