75F announces Beta Program for Highly Anticipated Saffron AI

75F, the leader in IoT-based building automation, today announced the launch of Saffron AI, the first AI Platform (AIP) for commercial buildings. With Saffron AI, facilities professionals can talk directly to their buildings and unlock a new way to get things done.

“This is about employing technology to make our buildings work in service to us, to deliver answers built on trust. To put the human at the center,” 75F Founder and CEO, Deepinder Singh, told an audience at Saffron AI’s exclusive launch event today. “Let me be clear: Saffron AI is for people, and we can’t wait to show you what meaningful AI in buildings looks like.”

Saffron AI is an AIP for commercial buildings trained on real-time and historical building systems data and industry standards such as ASHRAE Guideline 36. Using its own line of thermostats and sensors to standardize and structure data, 75F provides an out-of-the-box digital twin for each building. Accurate and standardized data empowers Saffron AI to provide human-in-the-loop intelligence — every explanation, recommendation, and action empowers building users and places humans at the center. Users can seek Saffron AI’s guidance to reduce energy consumption, create sophisticated energy dashboards, and can even entrust it with schedule updates or temperature adjustments, all with the assurance that the advice and actions are data-driven and site-specific.

The powerful simplicity of Saffron AI lowers barriers to smart building management and all the energy, air quality, and comfort benefits that come with it. Instead of wasting time troubleshooting or watching tutorials, 75F users can ask their building for help. And, if they want, they can ask in 50 different languages with the tap of a microphone button.

“Until now, only the largest and most expensive buildings, or only buildings with the most experienced facilities managers could be run efficiently or effectively,” said Madhu Tennakoon, Head of AI at 75F. “We are hearing that even experienced facility managers struggle to keep up with too many buildings under their control. Saffron AI is our answer to this challenge and a platform we expect to build on in the future: We want to help customers explore, analyze, and act with a level of ease and confidence that was previously unimaginable.”

With Saffron AI, 75F empowers customers to redefine comfort and energy efficiency, and rethink how their buildings can be managed and controlled. Join the waitlist for Saffron AI at

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